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TypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Information system for business process optimization in automobile servicesОвусу, Рексфорд; Owusu, Rexford
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Security and privacy decisions with dataТолулопе, Б.; Tolulope, B.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Natural language processing in software requirement gatheringФолажімі, Олайінка Вінсент; Млинко, Богдана Богданівна; Folajimi, Olayinka Vincent; Mlynko, B. B.
Conference Abstract11-Oct-2017Ways of formation of artificial selective sites for instrumental analytical devices intended for food quality controlStarodub, N. F.; Yukalo, V. G.; Voitsitskiy, V. M.; Marti, J.-L.
Conference Abstract11-Oct-2017Indexes of wheat grain quality in the stadars of Ukraine and USAВолошенко, О. С.; Хренжий, Н. В.; Voloshenko, O. S.; Horenzhy, N. V.
Conference Abstract11-Oct-2017The fatty acids profile of krill meal produced in UkraineKhudyi, Oleksii; Marchenko, Mykhailo; Khuda, Lidiia; Kushniryk, Olga; Babyn, Viktor
Conference Abstract11-Oct-2017Using azo coupling reaction to determine the 4-methoxy-3,5-imethilaniline as tryazeneМага, Іван; Maga, Ivan
Conference Abstract30-Jan-2018Smart street lighting system in a modern cityКозак, Катерина Миколаївна; Хомишин, Віктор Григорович; Kozak, Kateryna; Homyshyn, Viktor
Conference Abstract30-Jan-2018Led light sources in the world and namibiaMalulu, Simon. I.
Conference Abstract19-Sep-2017Dynamic transient analysis of the reactor core barrel due to sudden rupture of the recirculation line pipingDubyk, Y. R.; Orynyak, I. V.
Conference Abstract28-Sep-2017Methodical bases of the selection of the alternative anti-crisis management solutionsSylkin, O.
Conference Abstract26-Sep-2016Criterion Damkohler as parameter defining mathematical description of non-stationary operating mode of CSTRLucheyko, Igor Dmytrovych
Conference Abstract1-Feb-2018Telegram messages application as a tool of teaching englishDenysiuk, N.; Plavutska, I.; Fedak, S.
Conference Abstract30-Jan-2018About proposed metrics of light and lightingНазаренко, Леонід; Nazarenko, Leonid
Conference Abstract19-Sep-2017Damaging of a structural steel under monotonic and cyclic deformationPisarenko, G. G.; Voynalovich, O. V.; Mailo, A. M.
Conference Abstract19-Sep-2017Microfractography of static tensile tests fractures of 1.4539 austenitic steel and 1.4742 ferritic steel welded jointsNasiłowska, Barbara; Bogdanowicz, Zdzisław; Flądro, Janusz; Noga, Mariusz; Pastuszka, Paweł; sierakowski, Bartosz; Zegar, Kaziemierz
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Review of energy-efficient precast frame structures for residential buildingsHarkava, O. V.; Alkelani, A. O.; Balakumar Vijiylishme, B.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Combined cable space frames for agricultural buildingsСтороженко, Л. І.; Гасій, Г. М.; Storozhenko, L. I.; Gasii, G. M.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Researches on single point cutting tool deflectionДанильченко, Лариса Миколаївна; Кучвара, Іван Миколайович; Азіз, Абдулазіз Бабатунде; Danylchenko, L. M.; Kuchvara, I. M.; Azeez, Abdulazeez Babatunde
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Optimization cutting tool geometry for titanium alloysДанильченко, Лариса Миколаївна; Бобрик, В. В.; Джуніор, Нваоібо Донатус; Danylchenko, L. M.; Bobryk, V. V.; Jnr, Nwaoyibo Donatus
Conference Abstract18-May-2017The first Ukrainian Catholic Liturgy celebrated in CanadaShchyhelska, H. O.
Conference Abstract11-Oct-2017Some probiotic characteristics of a fermented milk product based on microbic association «Tibetan Kefir Grains»Vichko, Olena; Chervetsova, Veronika; Shved, Olga; Novikov, Volodymyr
Conference Abstract11-Oct-2017Study of the use of edible powders tomato sauce technologiesBenderska, Olga; Bessarab, Alexander; Shutyuk, Vitaliy
Conference Abstract11-Oct-2017Optimization of the process of the distribution of the compounds of protein-soil fats of fragrancesZolotukhina, Inna
Conference Abstract18-May-2017Waste disposal by applying the method of silicificationВітенько, Т.; Vitenko, T.
Conference Abstract18-May-2017Extensive reading in esp learningPlavutska, I.; Denysiuk, N.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Information system optimization in hotel managementЕзеуде, Августіне Нвабу; Ezeude, Augustine Nwabu
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Information system development and management of a computer repair serviceНубіс-Еленду, Чікосолу; Млинко, Богдана Богданівна; Nobis-Elendu, Chikosolu; Mlynko, B. B.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Information system development on the base of high performance computing clusterОлувасеун, Оджо Олавале; Oluwaseun, Ojo Olawale
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Mapping data sources to xes in a generic WAYСамуель, Коаге; Samuel, Koage
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017A forensic tool for Android location data collection and analysisАджакпа, Кінґслей; Ajakpa, Kingsley
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Container on barge technology: a case study of lower DanubeДрожжин, О. Л.; Drozhzhyn, O. L.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Ways of improvement of the city road network functioningДзюра, Володимир Олексійович; Оренчук, Р. Р.; Dzyura, V. O.; Orenchuk, R. R.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Problems and tasks of industrial networksStein, D.; Stein, D.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Laser security system with GSMShiyar, Ali
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Tesla IncШевченко, Л.; Shevchenko, L.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Determination of the vitamin-mineral composition of drugs by atomic absorption spectroscopyКишка, О. С.; Kishka, Olga
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Parameters affecting the performance of immobilized enzymeAhtyamova, D.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Gene editing mechanism of CRISPR/Cas9Повшедна, І. О.; Povshedna, I. O.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018"Smart" packagingЗаінчковська, Н.; Zainchkovska, N.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Anti-obesity drug that shrinks fat without suppressing appetiteХодьков, П.; Hodkov, P.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Nutritional supplementsХашемі, Д. Г.; Hashemi, D. G.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018HPMC- of capsule of VcapsPlus are capsules of new generationКисорець, А. В.; Kisorets, A. V.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018A pill for long-term drug releaseЯнковський, Я.; Yankovsky, Y.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Investigation of the process variables in the high-speed machining of work piecesАхмед, Хассан; Ahmed, Hassan
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Challenges of new drug development process in bipharmaceutical contextУдовенко, М.; Udovenko, M.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Organic perfume against synthetic fragrancesСавіна, Ю. С.; Savina, Y. S.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Features of the high-speed machining of the hard materialsЕбенезер, Едусеі; Ebenezer, Adusei
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Investigation of machining parameters in the design of CNC technologiesДухаір, Юсіф; Duhair, Yousif
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Shimmering lip gloss or chemical components in simple objectsАнтагулова, Л.; Antagulova, L.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Aspirin – friend or foe?Matsyutsya, Katerina
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Near field communicationЯценко, Д.; Yatsenko, D.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Benefits & risks of artificial intelligenceЛуцишин, Р.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Innovative methods of foreign language training of specialistsРезніченко, А.; Reznichenko, A.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Determinants of economic security of the enterpriseІваськів, Н.; Ivaskiv, N.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Internet of thingsКивацький, І.; Kyvatskyi, I.
Conference Abstract22-May-2018Investigation of joining zinc-coated steel sheets by laser welding for automotive industryViňáš, Ján; Brezinová, Janette; Brezina, Jakub
Conference Abstract22-May-2018Paying taxes 2018 indicator: evaluating the cost and administrative burden of the taxesМариненко, Наталія Юріївна; Крамар, Ірина Юріївна; Marynenko, N. Yu.; Kramar, I. Yu.
Conference Abstract22-May-2018The study of the influence of surface pretreatment on the properties of plasma coatingsViňáš, Ján; Draganovská, Dagmar
Conference Abstract22-May-2018Factors influencing the value of spring back of sheet material in bendingВасильків, В.; Данильченко, Л.; Vasylkiv, V.; Danylchenko, L.
Conference Abstract22-May-2018Computer aided process designing of manufacturing workpieces by sheet metal formingПилипець, М.; Данильченко, Л.; Pylypets, M.; Danylchenko, L.
Conference Abstract22-May-2018Simulation of processes of manufacturing workpieces by sheet metal formingДанильченко, Л.; Радик, Д.; Danylchenko, L.; Radyk, D.
Conference Abstract2-May-2018The strategies of higher education internationalization in the context of providing the competitiveness of the national educational modelВербицька, Анна; Verbytska, Anna
Conference Abstract2-May-2018The role of exercises on mobile devices in learning russian as a foreign languageСорокіна, Маріанна; Sorokina, Marianna
Conference Abstract2-May-2018Teaches’ training experience of Germany: lessens for UkraineРокіцька, Наталія Володимирівна; Rokitska, Nataliya
Conference Abstract2-May-2018Methods of organizing the training process on mathematics, achieving the academic adaptation of foreign students at the universityВотякова, Марина; Votyakova, Marina
Conference Abstract2-May-2018Song as a method of learning ukrainian as a foreign languageЗахарків, Ірина; Zakharkiv, Iryna
Conference Abstract2-May-2018Increasing the competitiveness of ukrainian universities in conditions of modern educational marketКругленко, Людмила; Поляковська, Ольга; Kruhlenko, Lyudmyla; Poliakovska, Olha
Conference Abstract2-May-2018“quality education” as a tool to ensure society sustainable developmentКрамар, Ірина Юріївна; Крамар, Галина Михайлівна; Мариненко, Наталія Юріївна; Kramar, Iryna; Kramar, Halyna; Marynenko, Natalia
Conference Abstract29-Mar-2018A case study of umbrella organizations in Poland – Karkonoski Regional Council for the People with Disabilities (KSON) in Jelenia GoraPrudzienica, Maja
Conference Abstract29-Mar-2018The link between environment and poverty while achieving global sustainabilityKramar, Iryna
Conference Abstract29-Mar-2018The idea of environmental justicePłachciak, Adam
Conference Abstract29-Mar-2018Reverse logistics in official statistics databasesZielińska, Anetta
Conference Abstract29-Mar-2018Service quality management model and relationship marketingKwiatkowski, Cezary
Conference Abstract9-Nov-2018The BCG matrix and Marketing strategies of AppleBofasa, Cedrick Bokuli
Conference Abstract12-Dec-2018Research of wifi systems protection efficiencyBrima, K.; Opurum, I.; Zolotyi, R.
Conference Abstract12-Dec-2018Use of instagram social network to promote businessMaschak, A.; Plavutska, I. R.
Conference Abstract12-Dec-2018Docker virtualization and containerization technologyLutsyshyn, R.; Perenchuk, O.
Conference Abstract12-Dec-2018Ways of using online dictionaries for foreign language studyFedak, S.; Denysiuk, N.
Conference Abstract28-Nov-2018Some innovative modern methods and technologies ESPБаб’як, Ж. В.; Перенчук, О. З.; Babiak, Z. V.; Perenchuk, O. Z.
Conference Abstract28-Nov-2018Relative glazing area of window embrasure of triangular configurationБурмака, В. О.; Тарасенко, М. Г.; Козак, Катерина Миколаївна; Burmaka, V. O.; Tarasenko, M. G.; Kozak, K. M.
Conference Abstract28-Nov-2018Comparative analysis of economic perfomance of Ukraine and the Democratic Republic of CongoКалунга, М.; Ціх, Галина Володимирівна; Kalunga, M.; Tsikh, H. V.
Conference Abstract16-May-2019Simulation modeling in designing applications for sheet metal formingПилипець, М.; Данильченко, Л.; Pylypets, M.; Danylchenko, L.
Conference Abstract16-May-2019Numerical modelling of residual stresses in metal cutting processesДанильченко, Л.; Радик, Д.; Danylchenko, L.; Radyk, D.
Conference Abstract16-May-2019Economic and strategic analysis in the global oil marketArutyunyan, Y.
Conference Abstract16-May-2019Simulation of springback processes in sheet metal parts formingВасильків, В.; Данильченко, Л.; Vasylkiv, V.; Danylchenko, L.
Conference Abstract28-May-2019Use of traffic calming measures in the Republic of BelarusKorzhova, Antonina; Kapski, Denis
Conference Abstract28-May-2019The influence of the cinematic parameters of movement and sprung mass vibrations of wheeled vehicles on the move along the curvedlinear sections of the wayAndruhiv, Andriy; Sokil, Bohdan; Sokil, Maria; Vovk, Yuriy; Levkovych, Michael
Conference Abstract20-Jun-2019The importance of energy management practices in smart citiesКозак, Катерина Миколаївна; Хомишин, Віктор Григорович; Kozak, Kateryna; Homyshyn, Victor
Conference Abstract28-May-2019Reduction of energy losses on car movement while using a combined electromechanical drive of leading wheelsPodrigalo, Mikhail; Abramov, Dmytro; Kaіdalov, Ruslan; Abramova, Tetyana
Conference Abstract28-May-2019Simulation of the tribological properties of motor oils by the results of laboratory testsDykha, Aleksandr; Aulin, Viktor; Babak, Oleg
Conference Abstract28-May-2019Dynamic analysis of gas flow through the ICE ring sealZarenbin, Volodymyr; Kolesnikova, Tatiana; Sakno, Olha; Bohomolov, Vitali
Conference Abstract28-May-2019Modeling of assessment of reliability transport systemsTkhoruk, Yevhen; Kucher, Olena; Holotiuk, Mykola; Krystopchuk, Mykhailo; Tson, Oleg
Conference Abstract28-May-2019The tribology of the car: Research methodology and evaluation criteriaLyashuk, Oleg; Gupka, Andrii; Pyndus, Yuriy; Gupka, Vasily; Sipravska, Mariia; Stashkiv, Mykola
Conference Abstract28-May-2019Diagnostics of bearings of wheels of cars with the use of noise-acoustic control methodsShmatko, Dmytro; Averyanov, Vladimir; Sasov, Alexander; Cherneta, Oleg
Conference Abstract28-May-2019Development and application of composites based on polytrifluorochlorethyleneBurya, Olexandr; Kalinichenko, Serhii; Tomina, Anna-Mariia; Rogatinsky, Roman
Conference Abstract28-May-2019Suspension of a car with nonlinear elastic characteristics based on a four-link lever mechanismRudzinskiy, Volodymyr; Melnychuk, Serhii; Holovnia, Ruslan; Riabchuk, Alexander; Trosteniuk, Yuri
Conference Abstract28-May-2019Improvement of the method for assessing the energy load of vehiclePodrigalo, Mikhail; Tarasov, Yurii; Abramov, Dmitry; Kholodov, Mykhailo
Conference Abstract28-May-2019Constructional solutions for increasing the capacities of cable carsTežak, Sergej; Lep, Marjan
Conference Abstract28-May-2019Content-
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