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Title: Use of traffic calming measures in the Republic of Belarus
Authors: Korzhova, Antonina
Kapski, Denis
Affiliation: Belarusian National Technical University, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, Nezavisimosti Avenue, 65, +375 17 2924806,
Belarusian National Technical University, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, Nezavisimosti Avenue, 65, +375 17 3310548,
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Korzhova A. Use of traffic calming measures in the Republic of Belarus / Antonina Korzhova, Denis Kapski // Proceedings of ICCPT 2019, May 28-29, 2019. — Tern. : TNTU, Scientific Publishing House “SciView”, 2019. — P. 49–56.
Bibliographic description (International): Korzhova A., Kapski D. (2019) Use of traffic calming measures in the Republic of Belarus. Proceedings of ICCPT 2019 (Tern., May 28-29, 2019), pp. 49-56.
Is part of: Матеріали Міжнародної науково-технічної конференції „Актуальні проблеми транспорту“, 2019
Proceedings of the 1-st International Scientific Conference "Current Problems of Transport", 2019
Conference/Event: Міжнародна науково-технічна конференція „Актуальні проблеми транспорту“
ICCPT 2019
Journal/Collection: Матеріали Міжнародної науково-технічної конференції „Актуальні проблеми транспорту“
Issue Date: 28-May-2019
Publisher: Scientific Publishing House “SciView”
Place of the edition/event: Тернопіль
Temporal Coverage: 28-29 травня 2019 року
May 28-29, 2019
Number of pages: 8
Page range: 49-56
Start page: 49
End page: 56
ISBN: 978-966-305-101-7
Copyright owner: © Scientific Publishing House “SciView”, 2019
© Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, 2019
References (International): 1. Cameron, M.H; Elvik, R. Nilsson’s Power Model connecting speed and road trauma: Applicability by road type and alternative models for urban roads. Accident Analysis and Prevention 2010, 42; 1908-1915. 2. Elvik, R. The Power Model of the relationship between speed and road safety: update and new analyses. TØI Report; 1034/2009. Oslo, Institute of Transport Economics TØI. 3. Elvik R.; Hoye F.; Vaa T.; Sorensen M. The Handbook of Road Safety Measures. Second Edition. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2009; volume 3.1.1, 405 p. 4. Kapsky, D. and others. Road safety audit. Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian State University of Transport. Gomel, 2015. 5. Nilsson, G. The effects of speed limits on traffic crashes in Sweden. In: Proceedings of the international symposium on the effects of speed limits on traffic crashes and fuel consumption, Dublin. Organisation for Economy, Co-operation, and Development (OECD), Paris: 1982. 6. OECD. Report on speed management measures. Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Paris: 2006. 7. OECD. Towards Zero: Ambitious road safety targets and the Safe System approach. OECD, Paris: 2008. 8. Taylor, M.; Baruya, A.; Kennedy, J.V. The relationship between speed and accidents on rural single carriageway roads. TRL Report TRL511. Transport Research Laboratory, Crowthorne, 2002. 9. Tingvall, C.; Howarth, N. Vision Zero: an ethical approach to safety and mobility. “The 6th Institute of Transport Engineers International Conference on Road Safety and Traffic Enforcement”, Beyond 2000, Melbourne: 1999. 10. Traffic Engineering Handbook (6th Edition). Institute of Transportation Engineers. Washington, 2009; Volume 15-5, 556 p. 11. Weijermars, W.; Wegman, F. Ten years Sustainable Safety in the Netherlands; an assessment. Journal of the Transportation Research Board 2011, 2213; 1-8.
Content type: Conference Abstract
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