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Title: Choice of the best available techniques of the alternative engine fuels in vehicle and tractor technique use
Authors: Zaharchuk, Victor
Zaharchuk, Oleg
Kuts, Nadia
Affiliation: Lutsk National Technical University, Lvivska str. 75, 43018, Lutsk, Ukraine;
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Zaharchuk V. Choice of the best available techniques of the alternative engine fuels in vehicle and tractor technique use / Victor Zaharchuk, Oleg Zaharchuk, Nadia Kuts // Proceedings of ICCPT 2019, May 28-29, 2019. — Tern. : TNTU, Scientific Publishing House “SciView”, 2019. — P. 280–287.
Bibliographic description (International): Zaharchuk V., Zaharchuk O., Kuts N. (2019) Choice of the best available techniques of the alternative engine fuels in vehicle and tractor technique use. Proceedings of ICCPT 2019 (Tern., May 28-29, 2019), pp. 280-287.
Is part of: Матеріали Міжнародної науково-технічної конференції „Актуальні проблеми транспорту“, 2019
Proceedings of the 1-st International Scientific Conference "Current Problems of Transport", 2019
Conference/Event: Міжнародна науково-технічна конференція „Актуальні проблеми транспорту“
ICCPT 2019
Journal/Collection: Матеріали Міжнародної науково-технічної конференції „Актуальні проблеми транспорту“
Issue Date: 28-May-2019
Publisher: Scientific Publishing House “SciView”
Place of the edition/event: Тернопіль
Temporal Coverage: 28-29 травня 2019 року
May 28-29, 2019
Number of pages: 8
Page range: 280-287
Start page: 280
End page: 287
ISBN: 978-966-305-101-7
Copyright owner: © Scientific Publishing House “SciView”, 2019
© Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, 2019
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Content type: Conference Abstract
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