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TypeIssue DateDate of entryTitleAuthor(s)
Book Chapter25-Nov-20199-Jul-2020A study of the socio-demographic portrait of a social entrepreneur as a representative of modern managementОнищенко, Оксана; Шишкін, Віктор; Onyshchenko, Oksana; Shyshkin, Viktor
Master ThesisDec-20192-Jan-2020An investigation of multinational corporation management, on the example of the Coca-Cola CompanyOduntan, Ibrahim Abiodun; Одунтан, Ібрагім
Article30-May-201528-May-2015Dairy plants financial and economic security evaluationMisko, Ganna; Місько, Ганна; Мисько, Анна; Maliuta, Oleksii; Малюта, Олексій; Малюта, Алексей
Methodical recommendations201620-Jun-2018Guide for term paper accomplishment on the course “Fundamentals of management” for the students majoring in specialism „Management”.Мосій, Ольга Бориславівна
Article10-Jun-202029-Sep-2020Identification and modeling of processes for automated control of functional diagnostics of metal structuresОсадчий, Сергій; Лур’є, Ірина Анатолівна; Боскін, Олег Осипович; Окіпний, Ігор Богданович; Osadchyi, Serhii; Lurie, Iryna; Boskin, Oleg; Okipnyi, Ihor
Methodical recommendations20205-Jul-2020Methodical instructions for coursework implementation from the discipline “Problems of theory and practice of management” (for foreign students of speciality 073 “Management”)Федишин, Ірина Богданівна
Article1-Jun-202129-Jun-2021Methodical tools for evaluating the effectiveness of transport and logistics services management of an industrial enterpriseSergii, Radynskiy; Bogdan, Kernychniy; Радинський, Сергій Віталійович; Керничний, Богдан Ярославович
Book Chapter25-Nov-20199-Jul-2020Optimal strategy determination for the hotel enterprise managementКислова, Людмила; Горбашевська, Марина; Kyslova, Liudmyla; Horbashevska, Maryna
ArticleNov-202122-Jul-2022Peculiarities of IKEA management in the world and in UkraineYuzyk, Mariia; Юзик, Марія
Master Thesis21-Dec-202027-Dec-2020Research the self-management system at the Confectionery Corporation ROSHENКабба, Соннаг; Kabba, Sonnah