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TypeIssue DateDate of entryTitleAuthor(s)
Article25-Apr-201726-Jul-2017Advanced design techniques in machine buildingAdusei, E.
Article25-Apr-201726-Jul-2017The cheapest and most powerful microprocessor?Луцишин, Р.
Article25-Apr-201726-Jul-2017Advantages of cybercrimesДанильців, О.; Пиндус, О.; Danyltsiv, O.; Pyndus, O.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201717-Jan-2018Information system for business process optimization in automobile servicesОвусу, Рексфорд; Owusu, Rexford
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201717-Jan-2018Security and privacy decisions with dataТолулопе, Б.; Tolulope, B.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201717-Jan-2018Natural language processing in software requirement gatheringФолажімі, Олайінка Вінсент; Млинко, Богдана Богданівна; Folajimi, Olayinka Vincent; Mlynko, B. B.
Conference Abstract11-Oct-201728-Oct-2017Ways of formation of artificial selective sites for instrumental analytical devices intended for food quality controlStarodub, N. F.; Yukalo, V. G.; Voitsitskiy, V. M.; Marti, J.-L.
Conference Abstract11-Oct-201728-Oct-2017Indexes of wheat grain quality in the stadars of Ukraine and USAВолошенко, О. С.; Хренжий, Н. В.; Voloshenko, O. S.; Horenzhy, N. V.
Conference Abstract11-Oct-201728-Oct-2017The fatty acids profile of krill meal produced in UkraineKhudyi, Oleksii; Marchenko, Mykhailo; Khuda, Lidiia; Kushniryk, Olga; Babyn, Viktor
Article25-Apr-201726-Jul-2017Design of cutting machineМухамед, М.; Mohamed, M.
Article25-Apr-201726-Jul-2017Role-plaing game in a foreign language teachingПопівщая, В.; Popivschaya, V.
Article25-Apr-201726-Jul-2017The semantic web and ontology ine-learningsystemsOrobchuk, O. R.
Conference Abstract11-Oct-201728-Oct-2017Using azo coupling reaction to determine the 4-methoxy-3,5-imethilaniline as tryazeneМага, Іван; Maga, Ivan
Article27-Apr-201716-Jun-2017SME IT adoption in Nigeria: using feedback system to boost and maximize efficiency and profitablityEgbete, Uchenna
Article27-Apr-201716-Jun-2017Actual problems of modern management in Ukraine and abroadКварамба, Рувімбо Ронах; Kwaramba, Ruvimbo Ronah
Article27-Apr-201716-Jun-2017Global problems at present timesКатійо, Тінаше; Katiyo, Tinashe
Article27-Apr-201716-Jun-2017Coaching and types of coachesФарісаі, Чігомбе Мілдред; Farisai, Chigombe Mildred
Article27-Apr-201716-Jun-2017The eastern partnership and UkraineКрамар, Ірина Юріївна; Kramar, Iryna
Conference Abstract19-Sep-20177-Dec-2017Dynamic transient analysis of the reactor core barrel due to sudden rupture of the recirculation line pipingDubyk, Y. R.; Orynyak, I. V.
Conference Abstract28-Sep-20177-Feb-2018Methodical bases of the selection of the alternative anti-crisis management solutionsSylkin, O.
Article11-May-20178-Jun-2017Theory of accounting and analysis of formation of profitPavlykivska, O. I.; Marushchak, L. I.
Article11-May-20178-Jun-2017Risks in accounting: essence and classificationKorolyuk, T. M.; Vynnyk, T. M.
Article11-May-20178-Jun-2017The organizational component of forming the accounting analytical and information system at enterprisesBobrovnyk, V.
Article11-May-20178-Jun-2017Can polish experiences of sustainable development implementation be useful in ukraine?Becla, Agnieszka
Conference Abstract19-Sep-201713-Oct-2017Damaging of a structural steel under monotonic and cyclic deformationPisarenko, G. G.; Voynalovich, O. V.; Mailo, A. M.
Article11-May-20178-Jun-2017Environmental justice – political aspectsPlachciak, Adam
Conference Abstract19-Sep-201713-Oct-2017Microfractography of static tensile tests fractures of 1.4539 austenitic steel and 1.4742 ferritic steel welded jointsNasiłowska, Barbara; Bogdanowicz, Zdzisław; Flądro, Janusz; Noga, Mariusz; Pastuszka, Paweł; sierakowski, Bartosz; Zegar, Kaziemierz
Article11-May-20178-Jun-2017Influence of transfer pricing on profit taxation of enterprisesKilyar, O. R.; Tsikh, H. V.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201721-Dec-2017Review of energy-efficient precast frame structures for residential buildingsHarkava, O. V.; Alkelani, A. O.; Balakumar Vijiylishme, B.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201721-Dec-2017Combined cable space frames for agricultural buildingsСтороженко, Л. І.; Гасій, Г. М.; Storozhenko, L. I.; Gasii, G. M.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201721-Dec-2017Researches on single point cutting tool deflectionДанильченко, Лариса Миколаївна; Кучвара, Іван Миколайович; Азіз, Абдулазіз Бабатунде; Danylchenko, L. M.; Kuchvara, I. M.; Azeez, Abdulazeez Babatunde
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201721-Dec-2017Optimization cutting tool geometry for titanium alloysДанильченко, Лариса Миколаївна; Бобрик, В. В.; Джуніор, Нваоібо Донатус; Danylchenko, L. M.; Bobryk, V. V.; Jnr, Nwaoyibo Donatus
Conference Abstract18-May-20171-Nov-2017The first Ukrainian Catholic Liturgy celebrated in CanadaShchyhelska, H. O.
Conference Abstract11-Oct-201728-Oct-2017Some probiotic characteristics of a fermented milk product based on microbic association «Tibetan Kefir Grains»Vichko, Olena; Chervetsova, Veronika; Shved, Olga; Novikov, Volodymyr
Conference Abstract11-Oct-201728-Oct-2017Study of the use of edible powders tomato sauce technologiesBenderska, Olga; Bessarab, Alexander; Shutyuk, Vitaliy
Conference Abstract11-Oct-201728-Oct-2017Optimization of the process of the distribution of the compounds of protein-soil fats of fragrancesZolotukhina, Inna
Conference Abstract18-May-20171-Nov-2017Waste disposal by applying the method of silicificationВітенько, Т.; Vitenko, T.
Conference Abstract18-May-20171-Nov-2017Extensive reading in esp learningPlavutska, I.; Denysiuk, N.
Article25-Apr-201726-Jul-2017Smart system for laptop coolingAndy, Amexo; Idem, Daniel Richards
Article25-Apr-201726-Jul-2017Modernization of spot welding regulator by implementation of modern hardware platformsДроб’язко, М.; Drobiazko, M.
Article25-Apr-201726-Jul-2017Unique electronic identifier formation methods and eid card issuing procedure: eu experienceBroshevan, Yevheniia
Article25-Apr-201726-Jul-2017Design of device to avoid obstaclesShiyar, Ali
Article25-Apr-201726-Jul-2017Interception and analysis of network traffic systemsMarchenko, A.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201717-Jan-2018Information system optimization in hotel managementЕзеуде, Августіне Нвабу; Ezeude, Augustine Nwabu
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201717-Jan-2018Information system development and management of a computer repair serviceНубіс-Еленду, Чікосолу; Млинко, Богдана Богданівна; Nobis-Elendu, Chikosolu; Mlynko, B. B.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201717-Jan-2018Information system development on the base of high performance computing clusterОлувасеун, Оджо Олавале; Oluwaseun, Ojo Olawale
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201717-Jan-2018Mapping data sources to xes in a generic WAYСамуель, Коаге; Samuel, Koage
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201717-Jan-2018A forensic tool for Android location data collection and analysisАджакпа, Кінґслей; Ajakpa, Kingsley
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201725-Jan-2018Container on barge technology: a case study of lower DanubeДрожжин, О. Л.; Drozhzhyn, O. L.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201725-Jan-2018Ways of improvement of the city road network functioningДзюра, Володимир Олексійович; Оренчук, Р. Р.; Dzyura, V. O.; Orenchuk, R. R.
Results 1-50 of 50 (Search time: 0.009 seconds).
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