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TypeIssue DateDate of entryTitleAuthor(s)
Conference Abstract10-Nov-20225-Dec-2022Analysis of electrically permeable cracks on the interface between two one-dimensional piezoelectric quasicrystalsLapusta, Yu.; Chapelle, F.; Sheveleva, A.; Loboda, V.
Conference Abstract10-Nov-20225-Dec-2022Application of machine learning methods for predicting the mechanical behavior of dispersion-strengthened composite materialBabudzhan, R.; Vodka, O.; Shapovalova, M.
Conference Abstract28-Nov-201818-Feb-2019Comparative analysis of economic perfomance of Ukraine and the Democratic Republic of CongoКалунга, М.; Ціх, Галина Володимирівна; Kalunga, M.; Tsikh, H. V.
Conference Abstract28-Nov-201818-Feb-2019Formy finansowania nowych technologii w PolsceБлачук, Д.; Ячумська, Д.; Карпінська, К.; Двовнюк, Ю.; Войцеховскі, Д.; Błachut, D.; Jachymska, D.; Karpińska, K.; Wdowiuk, J.; Wojciechowski, D.
Conference Abstract28-Sep-20204-Nov-2020I. P. Pulyuy apparatus for determining the mechanical equivalent of heat: history and modernitySavchuk, V.
Conference Abstract22-Nov-202215-Dec-2022Modelling and analysis of filtration in the media of multidimensional nanoporous particlesPetryk, M.; Mychalyk, D.; Boyko, I.; Petryk, O.; Romanovska, L.; Stefanyshyn, V.
Conference Abstract20-May-202123-Jun-2021Multivariate analysis of water quality data for water securityMitchenko, T.; Vasyliuk, S.; Driker, Yu.; Maletskyi, Z.
Conference Abstract28-Nov-201818-Feb-2019Nowe technologie w sektorze finansowymБлачук, Д.; Ячумська, Д.; Карпінська, К.; Двовнюк, Ю.; Войцеховскі, Д.; Błachut, D.; Jachymska, D.; Karpińska, K.; Wdowiuk, J.; Wojciechowski, D.
Conference Abstract10-Nov-20225-Dec-2022On the relationship between microstructure, mechanical properties and hydrogen embrittlement of pipe steelsZvirko, O.; Dzioba, I.; Lipiec, S.; Tsyrulnyk; Venhryniuk, O.
Conference Abstract22-Sep-202219-Oct-2022Pastry of health directionКарпик, Галина Вікторівна; Степанко, І. І.; Karpyk, H.; Stepanko, I.
Conference Abstract22-Nov-202215-Dec-2022Problems of modeling low-intensity electroretinal signal for assessing the risks of neurotoxicationTkachuk, Roman; Tymkiv, Pavlo
Conference Abstract28-Nov-201818-Feb-2019Relative glazing area of window embrasure of triangular configurationБурмака, В. О.; Тарасенко, М. Г.; Козак, Катерина Миколаївна; Burmaka, V. O.; Tarasenko, M. G.; Kozak, K. M.
Conference Abstract10-Nov-20225-Dec-2022Remaining life of TI-6AL-4V ELI HIP IMPLANT WITH A CRACKSedmak, A.; Smoljanic, T.; Milovanovic, A.
Conference Abstract28-Sep-20204-Nov-2020Soixantième anniversaire de l’université Ivan Puluj-TernopilFraissard, Jacques
Conference Abstract28-Nov-201818-Feb-2019Some innovative modern methods and technologies ESPБаб’як, Жанна Володимирівна; Перенчук, О. З.; Babiak, Z. V.; Perenchuk, O. Z.
Conference Abstract28-Nov-201818-Feb-2019Sztuczna inteligencja - przyszłość czy zagrożenieShchyhelska, H. O.; Fenko, I. R.; Szczygielska, H. O.; Fenko, I. R.
Conference Abstract10-Nov-20225-Dec-2022The concept of improvement high-strength aluminum alloys fsw joint properties via post-weld explosive treatmentKosturek, R.
Conference Abstract31-Mar-202319-Apr-2023The role of service sector in global value chainsМиценко, Валерій; Mytsenko, Valerii
Conference Abstract24-Nov-202118-Dec-2021Use of computer vision technology to simplify character animationСаламандра, В. І.; Готович, Володимир Анатолійович; Salamandra, V. I.; Hotovych, V. A.
Conference Abstract10-Nov-20225-Dec-2022Using of 3d modeling for investigation of the structure of hardfacing materials developed with fcaw using of powder electrodes with reaction mixture FE-MO-B-CIvanov, O.; Prysyazhnyuk; Kramar, H.; Marynenko, S.; Koval, I.; Huryk, O.