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TypeIssue DateDate of entryTitleAuthor(s)
Article24-Nov-20152-Dec-2015A comprehensive estimation method for enterprise capabilityКужда, Тетяна Іванівна; Кирич, Наталія Богданівна; Kuzhda, Tetiana; Kyrych, Natalia; Кужда, Татьяна Ивановна; Кирич, Наталия Богдановна
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016A socio-economic problem regarding poplar plantation and a problem solving model by AHPAzizi, Majid; Mohammadzadeh, Kazem
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Analysis of macroeconomic development of UkraineФедишин, Ірина Богданівна; Fedyshyn, Iryna; Федишин, Ирина Богдановна
Article24-Nov-20152-Dec-2015Assessment the web accessibility of e-shops of selected Polish e-commerce companiesMichalczyk, Anna
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Clusters as stimulators of businesses and regional developmentDmuchowski, Robert; Szmitka, Stanisław
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Corporate governance, HRM practices and organizational performanceIbrahim, Hazril Izwar; Zulkafli, Abdul Hadi
Article24-Nov-20152-Dec-2015Cultural dimensions and innovationStrychalska-Rudzewicz, Anna
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Effects of fiscal policy and exchange rates on aggregate output in BulgariaHsing, Yu; Krenn, Mario
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Enterprise capability and its competitivenessКужда, Тетяна Іванівна; Вовк, Ірина Петрівна; Kuzhda, Tetiana; Vovk, Iryna; Кужда, Татьяна Ивановна; Вовк, Ирина Петровна
Article24-Nov-20152-Dec-2015Funding of Ukrainian universities: Current situation and possible ways of its solutionКонстантюк, Наталія Іванівна; Konstantiuk, Nataliia; Константюк, Наталия Ивановна
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Istanbul Anti-corruption Action Plan as a basis for anti-corruption reforms in UkraineБакунчик, Лілія Михайлівна; Bakunchyk, Liliia; Бакунчик, Лилия Михайловна
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Management strategies of the UKVeggeland, Noralv
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Migration in the context of economy state regulation in UkraineГірман, Алла Павлівна; Волкова, Наталія Вікторівна; Hirman, Alla; Volkova, Natalia; Гирман, Алла Павловна; Волкова, Наталья Викторовна
Article24-Nov-20152-Dec-2015Population ageing and labour market in Slovenia and European UnionKofalt, Tomaž; Čepar, Žiga
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Problems of development of Ukrainian stock marketНауменко, Клим Владиславович; Naumenko, Klym; Науменко, Клим Владиславович
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Protection of soil in Poland within implementation of rural development programs (PROW)Казакова, Ірина Віталіївна; Адамська, Ханна; Kazakova, Iryna; Adamska, Hanna; Казакова, Ирина Витальевна; Адамская, Ханна
Article24-Nov-20152-Dec-2015Readapting macroeconomic management to a globalized economy: How to handle the accountability on the current account balanceYülek, Murat A.; Yağmur, Mete H.
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Safety of visually impaired and partially sighted people on rail platforms in Poland – existing state and mistakes committedPoliński, Janusz; Ochociński, Krzysztof
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Selected regional competitiveness assessment modelsChrobocińska, Katarzyna