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Title: Creating a parametric drawing in the automatic parameterization mode
Authors: Vasylkiv, Vasyl
Radyk, Dmytro
Danylchenko, Larysa
Васильків, Василь Васильович
Радик, Дмитро Леонідович
Данильченко, Лариса Миколаївна
Affiliation: Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, Ternopil, Ukraine
Тернопільський національний технічний університет імені Івана Пулюя
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Creating a parametric drawing in the automatic parameterization mode. Study guides to lab classes № 3 of “CAM and САЕ Systems of Machine Building Production“ subject. Editors: Vasylkiv V., Danylchenko L., Radyk D. – Ternopil: Ternopil Ivan Pul’uj National Technical University named after Ivan Pul'uj, 2021. – 28 р.
Issue Date: 2021
Submitted date: 2021
Date of entry: 20-Mar-2023
Publisher: Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering Technologies
Country (code): UA
Place of the edition/event: Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering Technologies
Committee members: Zolotyi, Roman
Number of pages: 28
Abstract: Mastering the basic rules and methods of parametric drawings of geometric objects in the automatic parameterization mode and acquisition of practical skills for their implementation.
Description: Study guides were developed according to the educational-professional program of applicant training of first (bachelor of science) level of higher education majoring in 131 “Mechanical Engineering”.
Content: 1. Goal 2. Theoretical Information 3. The Order of Lab Work 4. Report Structure 5. Checklist Task References Video Resources
Copyright owner: © Vasylkiv Vasyl, 2021
© Radyk Dmytro, 2021
© Danylchenko Larysa, 2021
References (International): 1. Carlota V., Top 10 Best CAD Software for All Levels, Frankfurt, Germany, 2016. – 183 p.
2. Lošonczi P., Kováčová L., Vacková M., Mesároš M., Nečas P., Case of the CAD program for creating 3d models, In: Journal Of Security And Sustainability Issues, Vol. 6, Slovakia, 2016. ISSN 2029-7017, P. 136-146.
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5. T-FLEX Parametric CAD. Three-Dimensional Modeling. User Manual. Siemens Industry Software, 2019. – 1371 p.
Content type: Laboratory Instructions
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