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Title: Investigation into the geometrical parameters of a thermal fatigue сraсk pattern
Authors: Yasniy, Petro Volodimirovich
Konovalenko, Igor Volodimirovich
Maruschak, Pavlo Orestovich
Ясній, Петро Володимирович
Коноваленко, Ігор Володимирович
Марущак, Павло Орестович
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Yasniy P. Investigation into the geometrical parameters of a thermal fatigue сraсk pattern/ P. Yasniy, I. Konovalenko, and P. Maruschak// New aspects of engineering mechanics, structures, and engineering geology. Proceedings of the WSEAS International Conference on Engineering Mechanics, Structures, Engineering Geology (EMESEG 08).- 2008.- pp.61-66.
Issue Date: 22-Jul-2008
Date of entry: 22-May-2012
Publisher: WSEAS Press
Keywords: thermal fatigue
crack pattern
continuous casting machine
roll damage
Abstract: A procedure for numerical analysis of the surface state of a roll for a billet continuous casting machine at the stage of coalescence of thermal fatigue cracks has been developed and implemented which is based on the identification of photo image elements. The scientific background and formal methods for optical inspection quality control are proposed on the basis of the optimization of the system input parameters.
Description: Existing methods for calculating the residual life of rolls for billet continuous casting machines (BCCM) are based on the fracture mechanics principles. However, these procedures for predicting the residual life are not sufficiently reliable, which leads to considerable errors [1,2]. One of the causes for the overestimation of the design service life of a structure is little understanding of the process of coalescence of surface cracks, which makes it impossible to assess the degree of damage to a roll in full and to ensure the operating safety [3,4]. The main way of obtaining the information on a roll state is its technical diagnostics based on the nondestructive inspection techniques. The optical inspection of surface damage, and the assessment of the microcrack morphology in particular, is very promising [5, 6]. In order to create hardware/software tools for diagnostics of an object state, it is necessary to validate physical models, software and adequacy of identification and measurement of the damage accumulation processes [6]- The aim of the present paper is to develop the conceptual framework and scientific-methodical support for the quality control of optical inspection of surface crack network for enhancing the safety of critical-purpose elements (using a roll for BCCM as an example).
ISBN: 978-960-6766-88-6
ISSN: 1790-2769
Content type: Article
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