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Title: Institutional and innovative factors of intellectualization as the basis of competitiveness of the national economy of Ukraine in the conditions of global informatization
Authors: Lykholat, Svitlana
Krykavskyy, Yevhen
Vasyltsiv, Taras
Yakymyshyn, Liliya
Affiliation: Lviv Politechnic National University
Institute of Regional Research named after M.I. Dolishniy of the NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine
Ternopil Ivаn Puluj Nаtionаl Technicаl Universitу
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Тези
Conference/Event: 10th International conference on applied economics contemporary issues in economy
Issue Date: 27-Jun-2019
Country (code): PL
Place of the edition/event: Toruń, Poland 27–28 June 2019
Page range: 165-166
Copyright owner: S. Lykholat, Y. Krykavskyy, T. Vasyltsiv, L.Yakymyshyn
Content type: Conference Abstract
Appears in Collections:Наукові публікації працівників кафедри промислового маркетингу

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