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TypeIssue DateDate of entryTitleAuthor(s)
Article31-Jan-201814-Apr-2018Calculation of constructive parameters of SMA damperЯсній, Петро Володимирович; Колісник, Микола Богданович; Конончук, Олександр Петрович; Ясній, Володимир Петрович; Yasniy, Petro; Kolisnyk, Mykola; Kononchuk, Oleksandr; Iasnii, Volodymyr
Article22-Jan-201926-May-2019Calculation of the deformed state of the celullar pipeline with ring supportГром’як, Роман Сильвестрович; Стащук, Микола Григорович; Стащук, Назар Миколайович; Hromyak, Roman; Stashchuk, Mykola; Stashchuk, Nazar
Article12-Nov-201810-Jan-2019Calculation of the plate plane stress in polar coordinate system on the basis of Lamé equation general solutionРевенко, Віктор Петрович; Revenko, Victor
Conference Abstract4-Dec-201913-Jan-2020Can artificial intelligence replace human intelligence?Абоах, А.; Щигельська, Г.; Aboah, A.; Shchyhelska, H.
Article13-May-20141-Feb-2016Challenges and factors influencing international students’ social adaptionDibi, Tamunomiebaka
Conference Abstract26-Apr-201830-May-2018Challenges of new drug development process in bipharmaceutical contextУдовенко, М.; Udovenko, M.
Article31-Oct-201913-May-2020Choice of software development technologies based on pareto-optimal solutionsКоваленко, Ігор Іванович; Швед, Альона Володимирівна; Давиденко, Євген Олександрович; Kovalenko, Igor; Shved, Alyona; Davydenko, Yevhen
Conference Abstract26-Apr-201830-May-2018Choosing construction and a way of producing conveyor belt depending on its destinyReczek, K.; Reczek, K.
Article27-Mar-201527-Jan-2016Classification of enterprise`s potentialКужда, Тетяна Іванівна; Kuzhda, Tetiana
Article27-Apr-201716-Jun-2017Coaching and types of coachesФарісаі, Чігомбе Мілдред; Farisai, Chigombe Mildred
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201721-Dec-2017Combined cable space frames for agricultural buildingsСтороженко, Л. І.; Гасій, Г. М.; Storozhenko, L. I.; Gasii, G. M.
Article19-May-201521-Jan-2016Combined operation of renewable energy systems and responsive demandБернард, Такула Мігель; Bernard, Takula Miguel
Conference Abstract14-May-20203-Jun-2020Compacting carbon composites by products pyrolysis of natural gas in the termochemical flow-type reactorsSkachkov, V.; Karpenko, A.; Balbekova, B.
Article31-Oct-201913-May-2020Comparative analysis of results of numerical simulation of cyber-physical biosensor systems on the basis of lattice differential equationsСверстюк, Андрій Степанович; Sverstiuk, Andriy
Article27-Oct-20177-Nov-2017Computation of improper integral according to eigen-elements of 1st-genus hankel – (Kontorovych-Lebedev) hybrid differential operator – 2nd genus Legendre 2nd genus – Fourier on polar axisHotynchan, Iryna
Conference Abstract22-May-201815-Jun-2018Computer aided process designing of manufacturing workpieces by sheet metal formingПилипець, М.; Данильченко, Л.; Pylypets, M.; Danylchenko, L.
Article29-Jun-201614-Sep-2016Computer modeling of the stresses in welded trussКовальчук, Ярослав Олексійович; Шингера, Наталія Ярославівна; Kovalchuk, Yaroslav Oleksiyovych; Shynhera, Natalya Yaroslavivna
Article16-Apr-201915-Aug-2019Computer modelling of power load of face mill cutters with cylindrical rake face of during difficult-to-cut materials machiningГлембоцька, Лариса Євгеніївна; Балицька, Наталія Олександрівна; Мельничук, Петро; Мельник, Олександр; Hlembotska, Larysa; Balytska, Nataliia; Melnychuk, Petro; Melnyk, Oleksandr
Article13-May-20141-Feb-2016Computer science education: today and tomorrowMykhailovych, Taras
Article20-Apr-201625-May-2016Computer virusesВітер, В.; Лісовий, А.; Viter, V.; Lisovyi, A.