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TypeIssue DateDate of entryTitleAuthor(s)
Article24-Nov-20152-Dec-2015A comprehensive estimation method for enterprise capabilityКужда, Тетяна Іванівна; Кирич, Наталія Богданівна; Kuzhda, Tetiana; Kyrych, Natalia; Кужда, Татьяна Ивановна; Кирич, Наталия Богдановна
Article20099-Dec-2012A development of ecological education on a base of some european union experienceZielińska, Anetta
Article1-Dec-201716-Dec-2017A necessity for forming the investment portfolio of householdsSydorchuk, Anatoliy
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016A socio-economic problem regarding poplar plantation and a problem solving model by AHPAzizi, Majid; Mohammadzadeh, Kazem
Article30-Nov-201420-Apr-2015Analysis and argumentation of the present-day factors of Ukrainian agricultureОкселенко, Наталія Олександрівна; Okselenko, Nataliia Oleksandrivna
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Analysis of macroeconomic development of UkraineФедишин, Ірина Богданівна; Fedyshyn, Iryna; Федишин, Ирина Богдановна
Article24-Nov-20152-Dec-2015Assessment the web accessibility of e-shops of selected Polish e-commerce companiesMichalczyk, Anna
Article31-Oct-201620-Nov-2016Basic operating principles of electronic marketplaces and their adaptation to industrial businessХижняк, Олена; Хижняк, Елена; Khyzhnyak, Olena
Article30-May-201527-May-2015Central and Eastern European cities in globalized worldRaźniak, Piotr; Winiarczyk-Raźniak, Anna; Nowotnik, Dariusz
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Clusters as stimulators of businesses and regional developmentDmuchowski, Robert; Szmitka, Stanisław
ArticleMay-201428-May-2014Cognitive governance. Cognitive mapping and cognitive conflicts. Structural analysis with the MICMAC methodNassreddine, Garoui
Article30-Nov-201412-Nov-2014Communication challenges with taking an organization global: a case study featuring meeting professionals international (MPI)Krzysztof, Celuch; Кшиштоф, Целюх; Кшиштоф, Целюх; Cecil, Amanda; Сесіль, Аманда; Сесиль, Аманда
Article30-May-201527-May-2015Communist crimes in Polish criminal lawBanasik, Katarzyna
Article30-May-201527-May-2015Conceptual approaches of company development strategy considering the phase of industry consolidation and integration processesMostenska, Tetiana; Мостенська, Тетяна; Мостенская, Татьяна; Skopenko, Natalia; Скопенко, Наталія; Скопенко, Наталья; Udvorgeli, Kristina; Удворгелі, Крістіна; Удворгели, Кристина
ArticleNov-201421-Sep-2015Confidence interval for economic forecastingКужда, Тетяна Іванівна; Кужда, Татьяна; Kuzhda, Tetiana; Галущак, Михайло Петрович; Галущак, Михаил; Halushchak, Mykhaylo
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Corporate governance, HRM practices and organizational performanceIbrahim, Hazril Izwar; Zulkafli, Abdul Hadi
ArticleMay-201428-May-2014Critical analysis of the influence of transnational capitalism on institutions and organizationsVargas-Hernández, José G.
Article24-Nov-20152-Dec-2015Cultural dimensions and innovationStrychalska-Rudzewicz, Anna
ArticleMay-201428-May-2014Customs and trade security policyAdomavičiūtė, Danutė