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Title: Clusters as stimulators of businesses and regional development
Authors: Dmuchowski, Robert
Szmitka, Stanisław
Affiliation: University of Computer Science and Economics in Olsztyn, ul. Iwanowskiej 5/6, 87-100 Toruń, Poland
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Dmuchowski R. Clusters as stimulators of businesses and regional development [Електронний ресурс] / Robert Dmuchowski, Stanisław Szmitka // Соціально-економічні проблеми і держава. — 2016. — Вип. 1 (14). — С. 18-29. — Режим доступу до журн.:
Bibliographic description (International): Dmuchowski, R., & Szmitka, S. (2016). Clusters as stimulators of businesses and regional development. Socio-Economic Problems and the State. 14 (1), 18-29. doi:10.14254/2223-3822.2016.14-1.3
Is part of: Соціально-економічні проблеми і держава
Socio-Economic Problems and the State
Journal/Collection: Соціально-економічні проблеми і держава
Issue: 1
Volume: 14
Issue Date: 30-May-2016
Submitted date: Jan-2016
Date of entry: 5-Jun-2016
Place of the edition/event: Україна, Тернопіль
Ukraine, Ternopil
DOI: 10.14254/2223-3822.2016.14-1.3
UDC: 334.724.4
JEL: L21
Keywords: cluster
regional development
Warmia-Masuria region
Number of pages: 12
Page range: 18-29
Start page: 18
End page: 29
Abstract: Socio-economic development of a region depends on the number of prosperous and profitable businesses. Local authorities provide proper development potential and facilitate the establishment and operation of business entities by creating business-friendly environment. The Polish and EU regions achieving high rates of efficiency are characterized by the fact that they “combine”, both in formal and informal way, all socio-economic entities in a region in order to gain mutual benefits. Clusters are examples of such networks. Competitive capabilities of autonomous business entities, institutions and research centres in regions with high unemployment, small investments and capital are significantly reduced. The only effective way is to combine their potentials in order to obtain a cumulative advantage over the competition. One such region is Warmia-Masuria Province, which is seeking its chance for development in cluster initiatives. The present article is an attempt to answer the question: What benefits has the Warmia-Masuria region obtained after free years of cluster initiatives?
ISSN: 2223-3822
Copyright owner: © Socio-Economic Problems and the State, 2016
URL for reference material:
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Content type: Article
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