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Title: Adaptation problems of computer control management systems adaptation for mobile trading
Authors: Okafor. J. Jude
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Jindu Jude O. Adaptation problems of computer control management systems adaptation for mobile trading: Qualification scientific work of magister paper on specialty "124 - system analysis" / Jindu Jude O — Ternopil: TNTU, 2018. — 100 p.
Issue Date: 2018
Date of entry: 2-Jan-2019
Country (code): UA
Place of the edition/event: Тернопіль
Committee members: Zolotyi, Roman
UDC: 004.04
Keywords: mobile trading
System Analysis
control management systems
Abstract: This project’s motivation comes from the increasing importance of Supply Chain Management and the interest in the successful case of Dell on the one hand, and the need for a relevant analysis of a lower-level, on the other hand. We have tackled this problem by developing a business process model that illustrates Dell’s supply chain strategies, and which is strategic and business goal-oriented. In order to make this BPM executable, we have designed and implemented a workflow engine that simulates BPM execution and calculates the related total time and cost. Furthermore, we have simulated two processes of the developed BPM and we have conducted experiments for their improvement and for their comparison with according processes of a traditional computer company.
Content type: Master Thesis
Appears in Collections:124 — системний аналіз

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