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Title: Information System Optimization in hotel Management
Other Titles: Оптимізація інформаційної системи для управління готелем
Authors: Augistine, Nwabu Ezeude
Августіне, Нвабу Езеуде
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Августіне Нвабу Езеуде. Оптимізація інформаційної системи для управління готелем : автореферат дипломної роботи магістра за спеціальністю „122 — комп’ютерні науки“/ Августіне Нвабу Езеуде. — Тернопіль: ТНТУ, 2018. — 6 с.
Augistine Nwabu Ezeude Information System Optimization in hotel Management: Abstract of a Master’s Thesis, 122 «Computer Science and Information Technologies»/ Augustine Nwabu Ezeude - Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University- Ternopil, TNTU, 2018. – 6 p.
Issue Date: 16-Nov-2018
Supervisor: Fryz, Mykhailo
Committee members: Konovalenko, Ihor
UDC: 681.518
Keywords: 122
комп’ютерні науки
Information System, Hotel management, Optimization and redesign, Developement of web application, Database development, Business intelligence systems, informative characteristic
Abstract: Master’s thesis is devoted to the development of information system optimization in hotel management. In the thesis presented a structure of information system, studied the old system of the hotel, described the old system then in the cause of doing so extracted the problems of the old hotel management. Use the method of optimization to redesign the hotel resturant, bar, hotel services and in addition includes a chat forum platform where all lodged and logged in guest chat about any topic of thier choice e.g best food, wine, comfortability of the hotel e.t.c and also these chats are avaliable for later guest to read during their period of stay, its also help the hotel to acknowledge complains and compliments from their previous or current guest. NOTE: It is recommended that guest should use these services on Google Chrome browser.
References (Ukraine): 1. Augustine Nwabu Ezeude, Information System Optimization in Hotel Management / Book of abstract of the VI International scientific and technical conference of young researchers and students «Current issues in modern technologies», Ternopil, November 16- 17, 2017, vol.2. – Ternopil, TNTU Press. – 6p.
Content type: Master Thesis
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