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Назва: Analysis of Inner Surface Roughness Parameters of Loadcarrying and Support Elements of Mechanical Systems
Автори: Dzyura, Volodymyr
Maruschak, Pavlo
Zakiev, I. M.
Sorochak, Andriy
Дзюра, Володимир Олексійович
Марущак, Павло Орестович
Закієв, Іслам Мусаєвич
Сорочак, Андрій Петрович
Бібліографічний опис: V. O. Dzyura, P. O. Maruschak, I. M. Zakiev, A. P. Sorochak, Analysis of Inner Surface Roughness Parameters of Loadcarrying and Support Elements of Mechanical Systems, International Journal of Engineering (IJE),TRANSACTIONS B: Applications Vol. 30, No. 8, (August 2017) 1170-1175
Журнал/збірник: International Journal of Engineering
Випуск/№ : 8
Том: 30
Дата публікації: сер-2017
Кількість сторінок: 6
Діапазон сторінок: 1170-1175
Початкова сторінка: 1170
Кінцева сторінка: 1175
Короткий огляд (реферат): This paper is based on the concept of physical mesomechanics, which allows any plastic shear in the stressed body to be considered as a loss of shear stability of the material in local stress concentration zones. This approach, which is physically very well-grounded, allowed us to consider from one standpoint the processes of machining by cutting and wear of steels. Physical and mechanical regularities in the effect of certain processing operations on the shape and roughness of the hydraulic cylinder surface are found. The mechanisms of the spatial self-organization of the relief and surface of bearings under conditions of false brinelling are summarized and analyzed. The data obtained can be used for further scientific generalization or prediction and diagnostics of the surface condition of loadcarrying and support elements of mechanical systems under study.
URI (Уніфікований ідентифікатор ресурсу): http://elartu.tntu.edu.ua/handle/lib/21961
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Тип вмісту : Article
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