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Title: Study guide on “Building Material Science” Part 1“Material Science”
Authors: Kramar, H.M.
Koval, I.V.
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Kramar H.M. Study guide on “Building Material Science”/ Part 1 “Material science” for students of “Civil Engineering” field of study 6.060101 (full-time study bachelors) // H.M.Kramar, I.V.Koval. – Ternopil, TNTU, 2017. – 128 p.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: ТНТУ
Number of pages: 128
Description: “Building Material Science” for students of “Civil Engineering” consists of two parts – Part 1 “Material science” and Part 2 “ Modern building materials” and studing sn 1 semesters. Part 1 “Material science” include 16 hours of lectures, 16 hours of labs and 54 hours of individual work. Part 2 “ Modern building materials” has 18 hours of lectures, 18 hours of labs and 54 hours of individual work.
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