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Títol: Notes and laboratory reports on “Technology of Structural materials and Material Science” Part 2
Autor: Kramar, H.M.
Bodrova, L.G.
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Kramar H.M. Notes and laboratory reports on “Technology of Structural materials and Material Science” Part 2 “Material science” for students of “Engineering mechanics” field of study 6.050502 (full-time study bachelors) // H.M.Kramar, L.G. Bodrova. – Ternopil, TNTU, 2017. – 75 p.
Data de publicació: 2017
Number of pages: 75
Descripció: “Technology of Structural materials and Material Science” is one of the basic technical disciplines in the syllabus for “Engineering mechanics” field of study. During the implementation of laboratory work considerable attention is given to the educational and experimental work for the study of materials that are used in different branches of an industry; alloy’s properties dependance on the chemical composition; structure, methods of treatment and external environments. The study of the theory and practice of different methods of materials strengthening is to provide a high reliability and longevity of the machine’s details, devices, tools etc. After every practical class in the laboratory, students will fill the laboratory report. The content of the laboratory class corresponds with the syllabus of the course “Material Science” for students of the “Engineering mechanics” field of study. The purpose of this manual is to provide guidelines for the students in preparation for independent laboratory work and to project its results in the laboratory reports.
URI: http://elartu.tntu.edu.ua/handle/lib/21909
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