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Title: Особливості розвитку теорії і методології сучасного управління конкурентоспроможністю підприємств
Other Titles: Features of the development of the theory and methodology of enterprises competitiveness modern management
Authors: Юзьвак, Людмила
Yuzvak, Liudmyla
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Л.Юзьвак. Особливості розвитку теорії і методології сучасного управління конкурентоспроможністю підприємств / Л.Юзьвак // Галицький економічний вісник. — 2013. — №2(41). — с.94-100 - (загальні проблеми економіки та суб’єктів господарювання)
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Тернопільський національний технічний університет ім. Івана Пулюя
Place of the edition/event: Тернопіль, Україна
UDC: 339.13
Keywords: конкурентоспроможність
Abstract: Розглянуто використання економічної категорії «конкурентоспроможність», проаналізовано зміст наведених визначень, адже конкурентоспроможність може значно змінюватися залежно від зміни таких зовнішніх факторів, як попит, пропозиція й умови реалізації, іншими словами, конкурентоспроможність – поняття відносне, чітко прив’язане до конкретного ринку і часу продажу.
The use of economic category “competitiveness” is considered, the essence of its definitions is analyzed because competitiveness can vary significantly depending on changes in external factors such as demand, supply and terms of goods sale. Competitiveness is a relative term which is tied to a particular market and time of sale. With the development of market economy and competition as a necessary condition of its operation it was found that the competitive position of enterprises is determined by their competitiveness. The concept of competitiveness is now widely used in industry, economics and business. Features of the notion “enterprise competitiveness” development and establishment are analyzed. Competitiveness in the broadest sense is a complex feature determined by a set of indicators due to which the consumer preferences are formed. There are many theories of competition and competitiveness and a variety of theoretical approaches to the study of this economic phenomenon. The principles of basic theories of competition and competitiveness are considered briefly because even their abridgement is necessary for understanding the essence, types and functions of competition as an environment of enterprise functioning. Regarding the analysis of economic categories when stating the expanded definition the attention should be focused on the economic terminology which is already a part of the system of economic knowledge and is used in practice. It is considered that competitiveness is the ability of a product or service to withstand comparison with similar goods and services of other manufacturers while maintaining a certain average market price. According to the study of literature it was found that terminology in the field of competitiveness is not uniform and there is no universal definition of this notion to be also universally accepted.
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