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Title: Conditions of ferromagnetic ordering in a model with Anderson-Hubbard centers: effective Hamiltonian approach
Authors: Kramar, Oleksandr
Didukh, Leonid
Skorenkyy, Yuriy
Дідух, Леонід Дмитрович
Крамар, Олександр Іванович
Скоренький, Юрій Любомирович
Issue Date: 11-Jan-2012
Date of entry: 11-Jan-2012
Keywords: ferromagnetism
Anderson-Hubbard centers
effective Hamiltonian
Abstract: A model of strongly correlated electron system in which magnetic impurity levels are hybridized with conduction band has been considered. The effective Hamiltonian has been constructed for the case of strong Coulomb correlation on basis of configurational representation of Hamiltonian with Hubbard X-operators describing the localized spin subsystem. Criteria for the ferromagnetic ordering stabilization have been found in partial case of partially filled band for arbitrary temperatures and Curie temperature has been calculated. For the partial case of weak effective exchange the formula for the Curie temperature reproducing the well-established results has been calculated analytically. The electron concentration region favorable for ferromagnetic ordering is determined by hybridization through effective exchange integral.
Content type: Article
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