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TypeIssue DateDate of entryTitleAuthor(s)
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201717-Jan-2018Behavior-driven development як підхід до підвищення якості процесу тестуванняДомітряк, І. І.; Волошин, В. О.; Domitriak, I. I.; Voloshyn, V. O.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-20186-Jun-2018Benefits & risks of artificial intelligenceЛуцишин, Р.
Conference Abstract22-Apr-202120-May-2021Bhopal gas disaster: history and lessonsДжадав, Х.; Щигельська, Г.; Jadav, H.; Shchyhelska, H.
Conference Abstract28-Sep-20177-Feb-2018Big Data в економіці: можливості та особливості застосуванняЗагурська, Л. А.; Козак, І. В.; Стельмах, А. В.; Zahurska, L. A.; Kozak, I. V.; Stelmakh, A. V.
Conference Abstract25-Nov-202020-Mar-2021BIM-технології в проектуванні і будівництвіПавлючик, В. А.; Pavliuchyk, V. A.
Conference Abstract10-Oct-201915-Nov-2019Biomass desmodesmus armatus (chod.) hegew as a source of carotenoids for food and feed needsMykolaivna, Cheban Larysa; Markovych, Marchenko Mykhailo; Volodymyrovych, Chmil Andrii
Conference Abstract11-Nov-202019-Jan-2021Blockchain technology in government digitalization. estonia caseKovalchyk, M.
Conference Abstract29-Jun-201814-Aug-2018Business activity impact on society, environment and economyMarynenko, Nataliia
Conference AbstractFeb-20187-Jun-2018Business or ecology: which comes first today?Kramar, Iryna
Conference Abstract4-Dec-201913-Jan-2020Can artificial intelligence replace human intelligence?Абоах, А.; Щигельська, Г.; Aboah, A.; Shchyhelska, H.
Conference Abstract10-Dec-202022-Jan-2021CFD simulation of poultry house with side ventilation systemTrokhaniak, Viktor Ivanovych
Conference Abstract26-Apr-201830-May-2018Challenges of new drug development process in bipharmaceutical contextУдовенко, М.; Udovenko, M.
Conference Abstract28-May-20199-Jul-2019Characteristics and thermomechanical modes of aluminum alloys hot deformationPylypets, Mykhaylo; Shvets, Lyudmyla
Conference Abstract28-May-20199-Jul-2019Choice of the best available techniques of the alternative engine fuels in vehicle and tractor technique useZaharchuk, Victor; Zaharchuk, Oleg; Kuts, Nadia
Conference Abstract26-Apr-201830-May-2018Choosing construction and a way of producing conveyor belt depending on its destinyReczek, K.; Reczek, K.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201721-Dec-2017Combined cable space frames for agricultural buildingsСтороженко, Л. І.; Гасій, Г. М.; Storozhenko, L. I.; Gasii, G. M.
Conference Abstract14-May-20203-Jun-2020Compacting carbon composites by products pyrolysis of natural gas in the termochemical flow-type reactorsSkachkov, V.; Karpenko, A.; Balbekova, B.
Conference Abstract28-Nov-201818-Feb-2019Comparative analysis of economic perfomance of Ukraine and the Democratic Republic of CongoКалунга, М.; Ціх, Галина Володимирівна; Kalunga, M.; Tsikh, H. V.
Conference Abstract28-May-20199-Jul-2019Comparative study of VISSIM and HCM technique LOS determination as exemplified by T-shape and partial cloverleaf interchangesSistuk, Volodymyr; Monastyrskyi, Yurii
Conference Abstract22-Apr-202120-May-2021Comprehending hybrid threats and hybrid warfare: the hybridity blizzard modelWeissmann, M.; Nilsson, N.; Palmertz, B.