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Title: Conception of an effective budget process and ways of improvement regional budget policy
Authors: Ostrovska, Halyna
Demianyshyn, Vasyl
Maliuta, Liudmyla
Sherstiuk, Roman
Kuz, Tetiana
Affiliation: Ternopil Ivan Pul'uj National Technical University
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): The article deals with ways of improving regional budget policy and basic tools improve the budget process at the local level as one of the most important aspects of competitiveness. However, despite the large number of studies and publications, budget policy issues for individual municipalities, their inconsistency with the reform of local government, remain one of the main factors hindering the development of entrepreneurial and investment innovation and generally do not have enough in-depth research and coverage, and is a promising and relevant area for further research.
Issue Date: Jul-2020
Submitted date: 18-Jun-2020
Date of entry: 30-Jul-2020
Publisher: Institute of Advanced Scientific Research
Country (code): US
Place of the edition/event: Institute of Advanced Scientific Research
Keywords: Improvement
Fiscal Policy
The Budget Process at the Local Level
Number of pages: 5
Page range: 1686-1690
ISSN: 1943-023X
References (Ukraine): [1] Information support of state and regional social management / [O. G. Osaulenko, O.F. Novikova, N.S. Vlasenko and others]. – Kyiv, Donetsk: Institute of Industrial Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Derzhkomstat of Ukraine, 2004. – 656 p. [2] Productive forces of economic regions of Ukraine / [B. M. Danyly... Dr. econ. Sciences: 08.02.03 / Vladimir Andreevich Lushkin. - Kharkov National shyn, L.G. Chernyuk, O.V. Gorskaya, etc.]. – K .: CJSC “NICHLAVA”, 2000. – 520 p [3] Budget Code of Ukraine // Voice of Ukraine. – 2010. – August 4. [4] Kutorzhevsky G. A. Economics. Fundamentals of the theory: textbook. allowance. / G.A. Kutorzhevsky. – M.: Economics, 2004 . – 382 p. [5] Lushkin V.l. A. Scientific and methodological foundations of state regulation of investment processes of economic development (regional and sectoral aspects): Dis University. V.N.Karazina. – H., 2002. – 508p. [6] Kofanov A. A. Diversification of the economies of the Russian regions: a synthesis of experience and the legislative framework / A. A. Kofanov // Regional Economics: theory and practice. – 2010. – No. 3 (138). – p. 39-45. [7] Onishchuk G.I. Urban complex of Ukraine: theory and practice of development: Dis. Dr. Econom. Sciences: 08.10.01. / George Ivanovich Onyschuk. – K., 2002. – 437 p.
Content type: Article
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