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Title: Study of effect of modeling biophysical light scattering in biological media
Authors: Кузь, Василь Іванович
Ткачук, Роман Андрійович
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): 1. Krukovskaya L.P. Ultraviolet radiation: - Impact biological ego, receiver: method-something textbook. - SPb .: SPbTPU, 2009.- 26 p. 2. Chernii V.I. Ultraviolet blood irradiation: Modern ideas/ V.I. Chernii, E.K. Shramenko, V.A. Stepaniuk [Electronic resource]// Mode of access: http// www. 3. Methods of Analysis in diffract the light analyses Biology / V.N.Lopatyn, A.V.Pryezzhev, A.D.Aponasenko et al .// - M .: Fyzmatlyt.-2004. -159 s. 4. Kandydov V. P, Monte Carlo’s method unlinear statistic Optics // FSA. T.166. - 1996.- P.1309-1338. 5. Ysymaru A. Distribution and scattering waves in accidentally-heterogeneous environments. In 2 vols. - Moscow: Nauka. -1981. – 687 s. 6. R. Tkachuk Modelling dynamic irradiation with ultraviolet light in the complex treatment of psoriasis / Tkachuk RA, Kuz VI, Robulova B.M .// Proceedings TO NTSh. - 2014. №9.- P. 176-183. 7. Robulova B.M. Exposure of human skin of continuous supervision and control of process parameters / Robulova BM, Kuz VI Tkachuk RA // Measuring and computing in industrial processes. - №1 (46). -2014. - P. 145- 149.
Issue Date: 2015
Date of entry: 11-Feb-2020
UDC: 621.384.4
Keywords: ультрафіолетова світлодіодна матриця, динамічне опромінення біооб’єкту, просторово-енергетична модуляція, зворотній зв'язок, доза ультрафіолетового випромінювання.
Abstract: The paper developed a method of analyzing the energy distribution in multilayer systems for evaluating the interaction of radiation in the treatment of psoriasis OED, based on the modeling of processes of light scattering in randomly inhomogeneous biological environments and the use of Monte Carlo. It has been created a block diagram of an improved control system parameters and regulation of radiation damaged skin.
Content type: Article
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