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Title: Mathematical model of vocal signals for the tasks of human vocal apparatus diagnostic
Authors: Dozorskyy, Vasyl
Dediv, Leonid
Dozorska, Oksana
Affiliation: TNTY
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): The necessity of voiced fricative sounds processing is grounded for the problem of human vocal apparatus diagnosis. The analysis of possibility of fricative sound modeling as the determined and stationary random process is conducted. The inadequacy of these models is found out for the task of vocal organs diagnostics on the early stages of disease, because they do not take into account the signal periodicity, chance of forms of pronunciation violation, related to the functional state of vocal organs. Grounded mathematical model of fricative sound as the periodically stochstic random process with the use of energy theory of stochastic signals, which takes into account a time structure, combination of chance and periodicity of signal.
Journal/Collection: The National Journal of Biomedical Engineering
Issue: 1
Issue Date: 2017
Country (code): UA
Content type: Article
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