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Title: Diagnostics of bearings of wheels of cars with the use of noise-acoustic control methods
Authors: Shmatko, Dmytro
Averyanov, Vladimir
Sasov, Alexander
Cherneta, Oleg
Affiliation: Dnipro State Technical University, Dniprobudivska str., 2, Kamianske, Ukraine, 51918,
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Diagnostics of bearings of wheels of cars with the use of noise-acoustic control methods / Dmytro Shmatko, Vladimir Averyanov, Alexander Sasov, Oleg Cherneta // Proceedings of ICCPT 2019, May 28-29, 2019. — Tern. : TNTU, Scientific Publishing House “SciView”, 2019. — P. 304–311.
Bibliographic description (International): Shmatko D., Averyanov V., Sasov A., Cherneta O. (2019) Diagnostics of bearings of wheels of cars with the use of noise-acoustic control methods. Proceedings of ICCPT 2019 (Tern., May 28-29, 2019), pp. 304-311.
Is part of: Матеріали Міжнародної науково-технічної конференції „Актуальні проблеми транспорту“, 2019
Proceedings of the 1-st International Scientific Conference "Current Problems of Transport", 2019
Conference/Event: Міжнародна науково-технічна конференція „Актуальні проблеми транспорту“
ICCPT 2019
Journal/Collection: Матеріали Міжнародної науково-технічної конференції „Актуальні проблеми транспорту“
Issue Date: 28-May-2019
Publisher: Scientific Publishing House “SciView”
Place of the edition/event: Тернопіль
Temporal Coverage: 28-29 травня 2019 року
May 28-29, 2019
Number of pages: 8
Page range: 304-311
Start page: 304
End page: 311
ISBN: 978-966-305-101-7
Copyright owner: © Scientific Publishing House “SciView”, 2019
© Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, 2019
References (International): 1. Korobochka, O.; Skornyakov, E.; Sasov, O. Fundamentals of calculation, design and operation of technical equipment for motor transport. DSTU: Dneprodzerzhinsk, 2007; 226p. 2. Kanevsky, I.; Sampikova, I. Nondestructive methods of control. DVSTU: Vladivostok, 2007; 243p. 3. Alian, H.; Konforty, S.; Ben-Simon, U.; Klein, R.; Tur, M.; Bortman, J. Bearing fault detection and fault size estimation using fiber-optic sensors. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 2019; 120(1), 392–407. 4. Martin-del-Campo, S.; Schnabel, S.; Sandin, F.; Marklund, P. Detection of particle contaminants in rolling element bearings with un supervised acoustic emission feature learning. Tribology International 2019; 63(1). 30–38. 5. Schmidt, S.; Heyns, P.; Gryllias, K. A discrepancy analysis methodology for rolling element bearing diagnostics under variable speed conditions. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 2019; 116, 40–61. 6. Piltan, F.; Kim, J. Bearing fault diagnosis using an extended variable structure feedback linearization observer. Sensors Switzerland 2018; 18(12), 43–59. 7. Jakubek, B., Jakubowicz, M., Smułek, W. Comparison of rolling bearings’ diagnosing methods – Procedures of damage introduction. Vibrations in Physical Systems 2018; 29, 11–19. 8. Shklyar, V. N. Planirovanie eksperimenta i obrabotka rezultatov. TPU: Tomsk, 2010; 90 р.
Content type: Conference Abstract
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