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Title: Taxation trends, rankings and perspectives for Ukraine
Authors: Подвірна, Тетяна Володимирівна
Мариненко, Наталія Юріївна
Крамар, Ірина Юріївна
Хрупович, Світлана Євгенівна
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Nataliia Marynenko. Taxation trends, rankings and perspectives for Ukraine / N. Marynenko, I. Kramar, T. Podvirna, S. Khrupovych // Przegląd Nauk Stosowanych – Politechnika Opolska: Opole,2018. - No. 20 (3), 15–31.
Issue Date: 2018
Date of entry: 8-May-2019
Country (code): PL
Place of the edition/event: Politechnika Opolska: Opole,2018
References (Ukraine): Torgler, B.: Tax Morale and Compliance: Review of Evidence and Case Studies for Europe, Policy Research Working Paper 2011, no. 5922. Lokhanova, N.: The tax burden in Ukraine as a Factor of Influence on the state of the economic stability of enterprises. Economist, no. 4, April 2012 (in Ukrainian). Lynnyk, O.I.: Balanced System of Accounting and Administration of Taxes as the Basic Factor of Easy Management of Business in the Countries of the World, Global and National Problems of Economics, Iss. 21, 2018, 168-171 (in Ukrainian), Doing Business. Paying Taxes, [accessed: 08.05.2018], Zheltukhin, Y.: Paying Taxes 2017: how Ukraine may improve its positions, [accessed: 09.05.2018] (in Ukrainian), Savenko, S.: Ukraine has twice improved its tax environment rating, [accessed: 08.06.2018] (in Ukrainian)
Content type: Article
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