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Title: Synthesis of effective components of the mechanism of managing adaptive development of production and economic organizations
Authors: Мариненко, Наталія Юріївна
Панухник, Олена Віталіївна
Крамар, Ірина Юріївна
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Panukhnyk O.V. Synthesis of effective components of the mechanism of managing adaptive development of production and economic organizations / O.V. Panukhnyk, N.Yu. Marynenko, I.Yu. Kramar // Науковий вісник НГУ. — № 4. — С. — 151-156.
Journal/Collection: Науковий вісник Національного гірничого університету
Issue: 4
Issue Date: 2017
Date of entry: 17-Oct-2017
Country (code): UA
UDC: 658
Keywords: pre-adaptation
production and economic organization
mechanism of management
Number of pages: 6
Page range: 151-156
Start page: 151
End page: 156
Abstract: The conceptual foundations of industrial enterprises’ adaptive development management within the PEO are determined in the paper. The approach to synthesis of effective components of the industrial enterprises within PEO adaptive development management mechanism on the basis of application of enterprise’s preventive adaptation capacity to maximum possible level of its development is proposed in the paper. It allows to increase the quality of managerial decisions. Scheme of the industrial enterprises’ adaptive development management process on the basis of passive and active adaptation is introduced. Co-adaptation of enterprises is considered in the process of the enterprises mutual adaptation to each other during the combined development. It is aimed at mutual benefit and strengthening of cross-functional relationships utility within the PEO and, consequently, at ensuring its viability under the influence of a dynamic external environment.
References (International): 1. Ponomarenko, V.S., Yastremska, O.M., Lytskovskyi, V.M. [et al.] (2008), “The formation and functioning of the corporate management mechanism at industrial enterprises: monograph”, Kharkiv, Kharkiv National Economic University, 446 p. 2. Ponomarenko, V.S., Kyzym, N.A., Klebanova, T.S. (2009), “Modern problems of socio-economic system modelling: monograph”, Kharkov National Economic University, Kharkov, INZHEK, 428 p. 3. Shemayeva, L.H. (2009), “Ensuring economic security through the strategic interaction management with the subjects of the external environment: monograph”, National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, National Institute of International Security Problems, Kyiv, 357 p. 4. Lysenko, Yu.H., Timokhin, V.N., Rudenskyi, R.A. [et al.] (2013), “Managing strategic development of viable economic systems: models, mechanisms and tools: monograph [2 vol.], Vol.1 “Methodology of viable economic systems strategic development management”, Donetsk, 401 p. 5. History of the “Corum Group” [Electronic resource]. – Retrieved from: (Accessed 12 September 2016)
Content type: Article
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