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Title: Methodical instructions for “Engineering geodesy” course work
Authors: Підгурський, Іван Миколайович
Affiliation: ТНТУ ім. І. Пулюя, м. Тернопіль
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Pidgurskyi I. M. Methodical instructions for course work on the topic “Drawing profile of the trace” of the course “Engineering geodesy” for Bachelor’s degree studentsof the field 192 “Civil Engineering” // I. M. Pidgurskyi – Ternopil, TNTU, 2017. – 24 p.
Issue Date: 2017
Country (code): UA
Place of the edition/event: ТНТУ
Number of pages: 24
Description: Methodological instructions were reviewed and approved at the meeting of Building Mechanics department (minutes No 10 from 14June 2017) Methodological instructions were approved by the Mechanical Engineering Faculty methodological committee of Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University (minutes No 9 from 26June 2017) Methodological instructions were prepared using the literature listed in the reference.
Content type: Other
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