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Title: Information Technology for Monitoring of Municipal Gas Consumption, Based on Additive Model and Correlated for Weather Factors
Authors: Nazarevych, Oleh
Gotovych, Volodymyr
Shymchuk, Grigorij
Назаревич, Олег Богданович
Готович, Володимир Анатолійович
Шимчук, Григорій Валерійович
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Nazarevych O. Information Technology for Monitoring of Municipal Gas Consumption, Based on Additive Model and Correlated for Weather Factors / O. Nazarevych, V. Gotovych, G. Shymchuk. // Journal of Information and Computing Science, ISSN 1746-7659, England, UK. – 2016. – С. pp.180–187
Journal/Collection: Journal of Information and Computing Science
Issue: 3
Volume: 11
Issue Date: Aug-2016
Publisher: Journal of Information and Computing Science, England, UK
Keywords: gas consumption
information technology for monitoring of municipal gas consumption
“Caterpillar-SSA” method
regression analysis
change-point detection method by Brodsky-Darkhovsky
Number of pages: 8
Page range: 180-187
Start page: 180
End page: 187
Abstract: The present article deals with the practical implementation of information technology for monitoring the gas consumption of the city (regional centers) on the basis of proposals additive model and taking meteorological factors. Justified and suggested automating the monitoring system of gas consumption. The functional diagram of the formation of a database of measurements and framework developed of a database to store statistical data measurement of gas consumption and meteorological factors for interval accumulation hour, day and week.
ISSN: 1746-7659
References (International): Nazarevych O.B. Separation of annual trend as additive components of time series gas consumption. Bulletin TNTU (Mathematical modeling. Mathematics. Physics). 16(4)(2011) 201-209.
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Content type: Article
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