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Title: Lectures on the subject of «Lighting Devices»
Authors: Костик, Любов Миколаївна
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Lectures on the subject of «Lighting Devices» for students of field of study 6.050701 Electrical Engineering and Electric Technologies / Author Lyubov Kostyk, DPh, TNTU, 2016.
Issue Date: 31-Aug-2016
Date of entry: 31-Aug-2016
Content: Lecture 1. General information about lighting devices ... 3 Lecture 2. Main elements of lighting devices ... 8 Lecture 3. Types of light redistribution devices ... 12 Lecture 4. Main characteristics of lighting devices ... 15 Lecture 5. Lighting engineering calculation methods of lighting ... 22 Lecture 6. The form and size of elementary reflections ... 25 Lecture 7. Luminous flux rays of elementary reflections... 28 Lecture 8. Fill factor of the surface of optical devices by light part ... 35 Lecture 9. Spotlights with mirror reflector ... 37 Lecture 10. Aberration of a paraboloid reflector ... 39 Lecture 11. Formation of paraboloid reflector light beam ... 41 Lecture 12. Spotlight parabolo-cylindrical (spotlight flooding light) ... 48 Lecture 13. Luminaires with mirror reflector ... 53 Lecture 14. Lenses lighting devices... 58 Lecture 15. Cylindrical fresnel lens ... 63 Lecture 16. Luminaire with prismatic refracting optical elements ... 67 Lecture 17. Luminaires fitted with light scattering materials ... 70
Content type: Learning Object
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