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Title: Influence of the lattice strain on the Mott-Hubbard ferromagnet characteristics at various shape of the unperturbed density of electronic states
Authors: Дідух, Леонід Дмитрович
Скоренький, Юрій Любомирович
Крамар, Олександр Іванович
Affiliation: Ternopil National Technical University, Dept. of Physics, 46001, Ternopil, Ukraine Contact e-mail:
Conference/Event: ICSM2016
Issue Date: 29-Apr-2016
Date of entry: 2-Jul-2016
Publisher: International Program Committee of ICSM2016
Keywords: narrow-band material
ferromagnetic order
lattice strain
strong Coulomb repulsion
Abstract: The influence of lattice strain on the magnetic properties of Mott-Hubbard material has been analyzed within the Green function formalism with application of quasiparticle energy spectra in the strong Coulomb repulsion limit. The obtained results reproduce qualitatively correct dependence of T_C on the external pressure and quantitatively agree with the experimental data.
References (International): Grigorchuk R.A., Stasyuk I.V. Ukr. Fiz. Zhurn., 1980 vol.25 p.404.
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Content type: Preprint
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