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TypeIssue DateDate of entryTitleAuthor(s)
Conference Abstract22-May-201815-Jun-2018Factors influencing the value of spring back of sheet material in bendingВасильків, В.; Данильченко, Л.; Vasylkiv, V.; Danylchenko, L.
Conference Abstract9-Nov-20186-Dec-2018Fashion-merchandisingМельничук, Олена; Бурліцька, Оксана Петрівна; Melnychuk, Olena; Burlitska, Oksana
Conference Abstract14-May-20203-Jun-2020Features of forming the structure and properties of high-porous carbon-carbon composite materialsKarpenko, A. V.
Conference Abstract31-Mar-202123-Apr-2021Features of the fiscal policy of Ukraine during COVID-19 pandemicTsapenko, Oleksandr
Conference Abstract26-Apr-201830-May-2018Features of the high-speed machining of the hard materialsЕбенезер, Едусеі; Ebenezer, Adusei
Conference Abstract11-Nov-202019-Jan-2021Finansowanie obrony narodowej w państwach unii europejskiejMoroz, D.; Harmatii, S.
Conference Abstract10-Oct-201915-Nov-2019Finding of adhesion energy at contact nanoparticle-surfaceSkaptsov, Andrey; Yurevich, Vladimir; Скапцов, Андрей; Юревич, Владимир
Conference Abstract19-Sep-20177-Dec-2017For notes-
Conference Abstract30-Oct-202026-Nov-2020Foreign experience of small business supportKolomenska, Albina
Conference Abstract19-Sep-201713-Oct-2017Forevord-
Conference Abstract28-May-20199-Jul-2019Formation of transport-logistic clusters in UkraineSharai, Svitlana; Roi, Maksym; Dekhtiarenko, Daryna
Conference Abstract28-Nov-201818-Feb-2019Formy finansowania nowych technologii w PolsceБлачук, Д.; Ячумська, Д.; Карпінська, К.; Двовнюк, Ю.; Войцеховскі, Д.; Błachut, D.; Jachymska, D.; Karpińska, K.; Wdowiuk, J.; Wojciechowski, D.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-201830-May-2018Gene editing mechanism of CRISPR/Cas9Повшедна, І. О.; Povshedna, I. O.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-201830-May-2018HPMC- of capsule of VcapsPlus are capsules of new generationКисорець, А. В.; Kisorets, A. V.
Conference Abstract28-Sep-20204-Nov-2020I. P. Pulyuy apparatus for determining the mechanical equivalent of heat: history and modernitySavchuk, V.
Conference Abstract14-Oct-202029-Dec-2020Improvement of the engineering education according to the global needsЯсній, Володимир Петрович; Луцик, Надія; Мещерякова, Ольга; Iasnii, Volodymyr; Lutsyk, Nadia; Meshcheryakova, Olga
Conference Abstract28-May-20199-Jul-2019Improvement of the method for assessing the energy load of vehiclePodrigalo, Mikhail; Tarasov, Yurii; Abramov, Dmitry; Kholodov, Mykhailo
Conference Abstract28-May-20199-Jul-2019Improving financial conditions of ATEs in the city of Dnipro basing upon optimal assignment of vehicle fleet to the routesTaran, Igor; Litvin, Vadim
Conference Abstract28-May-20199-Jul-2019Improving of transitway operating propertiesSakhno, Volodymyr; Murovanyi, Igor; Poliakov, Viktor; Sharai, Svitlana