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TypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Conference Abstract29-Mar-2018A case study of umbrella organizations in Poland – Karkonoski Regional Council for the People with Disabilities (KSON) in Jelenia GoraPrudzienica, Maja
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017A forensic tool for Android location data collection and analysisАджакпа, Кінґслей; Ajakpa, Kingsley
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018A pill for long-term drug releaseЯнковський, Я.; Yankovsky, Y.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018A rules of managing a modern craft bakeryPurzycka, A.; Purzycka, A.
Conference Abstract30-Jan-2018About proposed metrics of light and lightingНазаренко, Леонід; Nazarenko, Leonid
Conference Abstract22-Jan-2019Accounting policy as a tool of enterprise management systemKilyar, Oleksandra
Conference Abstract12-Dec-2018Adaptation problems of computer control management systems adaptation for mobile tradingJindu Jude, O.; Zolotyi, R.
Conference Abstract2019Algorithm Reliability of Kalman Filter Coefficients Determination for Low-Intensity ElectroretinosignalТимків (Tymkiv), Павло (Pavlo); Лещишин (Leshchyshyn), Юрій (Yuriy)
Conference Abstract22-Jan-2019An influence of auniform control file for tax on efficiency of fiscal administration activities in the scope of vat tax return verificationĆwiąkała-Małys, Anna; Piotrowska, Iwona
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Analysis of behaviour of cable during fireMuszyńska, M.; Muszyńska, M.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Analyzed by the introduction of a new technological line in stell procesingPełczyńska, P.; Pełczyńska, P.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Anti-obesity drug that shrinks fat without suppressing appetiteХодьков, П.; Hodkov, P.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Aspirin – friend or foe?Matsyutsya, Katerina
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Behavior-driven development як підхід до підвищення якості процесу тестуванняДомітряк, І. І.; Волошин, В. О.; Domitriak, I. I.; Voloshyn, V. O.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-2018Benefits & risks of artificial intelligenceЛуцишин, Р.
Conference Abstract31-Jan-2018Biaxial tension of a plate with a Griffiths crackПанько, Ігор Миколайович; Штаюра, Степан Теодорович; Панько, Олег Ігорович; Штаюра, Наталія Степанівна; Panko, Igor; Shtayura, Stepan; Panko, Oleg; Shtayura, Nataliya
Conference Abstract28-Sep-2017Big Data в економіці: можливості та особливості застосуванняЗагурська, Л. А.; Козак, І. В.; Стельмах, А. В.; Zahurska, L. A.; Kozak, I. V.; Stelmakh, A. V.
Conference Abstract29-Jun-2018Business activity impact on society, environment and economyMarynenko, Nataliia
Conference AbstractFeb-2018Business or ecology: which comes first today?Kramar, Iryna
Conference Abstract31-Jan-2018Calculation of constructive parameters of SMA damperЯсній, Петро Володимирович; Колісник, Микола Богданович; Конончук, Олександр Петрович; Ясній, Володимир Петрович; Yasniy, Petro; Kolisnyk, Mykola; Kononchuk, Oleksandr; Iasnii, Volodymyr