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TypeIssue DateDate of entryTitleAuthor(s)
Conference Abstract29-Mar-201816-Nov-2018A case study of umbrella organizations in Poland – Karkonoski Regional Council for the People with Disabilities (KSON) in Jelenia GoraPrudzienica, Maja
Article24-Nov-20152-Dec-2015A comprehensive estimation method for enterprise capabilityКужда, Тетяна Іванівна; Кирич, Наталія Богданівна; Kuzhda, Tetiana; Kyrych, Natalia; Кужда, Татьяна Ивановна; Кирич, Наталия Богдановна
Article15-Sep-201615-Sep-2016A comprehensive estimation method for enterprise capabilityКужда, Тетяна Іванівна; Kuzhda, Tetiana; Кирич, Наталія Богданівна; Kyrych, Natalia
Article20099-Dec-2012A development of ecological education on a base of some european union experienceZielińska, Anetta
Conference Abstract16-Nov-201717-Jan-2018A forensic tool for Android location data collection and analysisАджакпа, Кінґслей; Ajakpa, Kingsley
Conference Abstract28-May-20199-Jul-2019A multi-criteria decision making approach for the evaluation of roads and streets system in GnieznoKicinski, Marcin; Bienczak, Maciej; Fierek, Szymon; Merkisz-Guranowska, Agnieszka; Zmuda-Trzebiatowski, Pawel
Article1-Dec-201716-Dec-2017A necessity for forming the investment portfolio of householdsSydorchuk, Anatoliy
Proceedings Book19966-Jan-2020A new Approach to Preliminary Processing of Random SignalsJavors'kyi (Yavorskyy), Bohdan
Article25-Sep-20065-Jun-2016A phenomenological model of macrocrack initiation and growth in cyclically deformed materialOstash, O. P.; Panasyuk, V. V.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-201830-May-2018A pill for long-term drug releaseЯнковський, Я.; Yankovsky, Y.
Conference Abstract26-Apr-201830-May-2018A rules of managing a modern craft bakeryPurzycka, A.; Purzycka, A.
Article23-Apr-201526-Feb-2016A self-healing polymer fills in cracksБурдак, М.; Костенко, А.; Burdak, M.; Kostenko, A.
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016A socio-economic problem regarding poplar plantation and a problem solving model by AHPAzizi, Majid; Mohammadzadeh, Kazem
Article22-Apr-201020-Feb-2016ABC-аналіз в управлінні матеріальними запасамиСтудніцький, І.
Conference Abstract30-Jan-201815-Mar-2018About proposed metrics of light and lightingНазаренко, Леонід; Nazarenko, Leonid
Conference Abstract22-Jan-201919-Mar-2019Accounting policy as a tool of enterprise management systemKilyar, Oleksandra
Article27-Apr-201716-Jun-2017Actual problems of modern management in Ukraine and abroadКварамба, Рувімбо Ронах; Kwaramba, Ruvimbo Ronah
Article18-May-20168-Jun-2016Adaptation aspects of ukrainian students in PolandDroździel, Paweł; Вітенько, Тетяна Миколаївна; Droździel, Paweł; Vitenko, Tatiana
Article13-May-20141-Feb-2016Adaptation of foreign students in Vinnytsia National Technical UniversityPradivlyannyy, Mykola; Takul, Olena
Article201925-Jun-2019Adaptation of the Neyman-Pearson criteria for assessing the reliability of the choice of the method for determining the coefficients of the mathematical model of low-intensity electroretinosignalТимків (Tymkiv), Павло (Pavlo)