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TypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article25-Sep-2006A phenomenological model of macrocrack initiation and growth in cyclically deformed materialOstash, O. P.; Panasyuk, V. V.
Article4-Sep-2008Badania zmęczeniowe stopu 2024-T3Коцаньда, Д.; Торжевскі, Я.; Kocanda, D.; Torzewski, J.; Kocańda, D.; Torzewski, J.
Article25-Sep-2006Capability of load-time history reconstruction and fatigue crack growth rate estimation for 2024-T3 aluminium alloy on the basis of fractographic analysisKocańda, D.; Torzewski, J.
Article25-Sep-2006Comparison of the calculated and experimental fatigue lives under non-proportional bending with torsion of 10hnap steelMarciniak, Z.; Rozumek, D.; Macha, E.
Article25-Sep-2006Crack emanation from defects modelled by extremely small drilled holes in two conditionsVuherer, T.; Hlado, V.; Hutsaylyuk, V.; Maruschak, P.; Yasniy, P.; Gliha, V.
Article25-Sep-2006Critical plane approach in stage i and stage ii of fatigue under multiaxial loadingKarolczuk, A.; Macha, E.
Article25-Sep-2006Damage analysis of pressure pipes under high temperature and variable pressure conditionsArsenos, P.; Zafiris, K.; Kartsonaki, E.; Kouskouti, M.; Kyriakos, K.; Papassalouros, D.; Pavlou, D.; Vlachakis, N. V.
Article25-Sep-2006Defect in a cylindrical shell under pressureHakimi, Abdelhadi El; Hariri, Said; Laksimi, Abdelouahed; Azari, Zitouni
Article25-Sep-2006Design index, U-function and its coefficients in life-time (PRE)determination of machine elements and machineries for dynamic loadingLadislav, Várkoly
Article23-Apr-2009Eclipse – середовище швидкої розробки на мові JavaГупало, Т.
Article25-Sep-2006Evaluation of in-service surface cracking of rolls of continuous casting machinesYasniy, P.; Marushchak, P.; Lapusta, Yu.; Baran, D.
Article25-Sep-2006Experimental research on influence on single overloadon fatigue life of constructional steels under complex loadCempel, G.; Gasiak, G.
Article25-Sep-2006Fatigue crack growth. Overload and underload interactionsYasniy, P.; Pyndus, Yu.; Fostyk, V.; Shulgan, I.
Article25-Sep-2006Fatigue life of constructional materials under bending with torsion for crack propagationGasiak, G.; Robak, G.
Article25-Sep-2006Hydrogen effect on fatigue life of a pipe steelCapelle, J.; Gilgert, J.; Pluvinage, G.
Article25-Sep-2006Integrity assessment of cracked components using probabilistic methodsVarfolomeyev, I.; Yasniy, O.
Article18-Apr-2007ISO 14000 “зелене” світло на зовнішні ринкиІващук, В.
Article25-Sep-2006Mathematical study of the effects of applied stress, T-stress and back stress in photoelastic fringe patternsTee, K. F.; Christopher, C. J.; James, M. N.; Patterson, E. A.
Article25-Sep-2006Modern possibilities of image viewing processeses – industrial’s and university’s applicationsVárkoly, Ladislav