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TypeIssue DateDate of entryTitleAuthor(s)
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Management strategies of the UKVeggeland, Noralv
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Migration in the context of economy state regulation in UkraineГірман, Алла Павлівна; Волкова, Наталія Вікторівна; Hirman, Alla; Volkova, Natalia; Гирман, Алла Павловна; Волкова, Наталья Викторовна
Article31-May-201910-Jul-2019Optimization of the tariff on automobile passenger transportation to suburban unitedKytskai, Liubov; Кицкай, Любовь; Кицкай, Любов
Article31-May-201811-Jun-2018Organization development components, process and performanceKuzhda, Tetiana; Gevko, Volodymyr
Article31-May-20176-Jun-2017Oптимізація економічної ефективності об’єктів ресурсного забезпечення неприбуткових заходівТкач, Іван; Маланчук, Марина
Article20099-Dec-2012Personal controlling as an early detector of company problemsZug, Magdalena; Lewicka, Agnieszka
Article24-Nov-20152-Dec-2015Population ageing and labour market in Slovenia and European UnionKofalt, Tomaž; Čepar, Žiga
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Problems of development of Ukrainian stock marketНауменко, Клим Владиславович; Naumenko, Klym; Науменко, Клим Владиславович
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Protection of soil in Poland within implementation of rural development programs (PROW)Казакова, Ірина Віталіївна; Адамська, Ханна; Kazakova, Iryna; Adamska, Hanna; Казакова, Ирина Витальевна; Адамская, Ханна
Article30-May-201527-May-2015Ranking of institutional barriers regarding management of medical equipment enterprises in municipal economic systemPanukhnyk, Iana; Panukhnyk, Olena
Article24-Nov-20152-Dec-2015Readapting macroeconomic management to a globalized economy: How to handle the accountability on the current account balanceYülek, Murat A.; Yağmur, Mete H.
Article31-Oct-201620-Nov-2016Regional industrial innovation system for effective management of development of the regional industrial complexes strategic potentialЧупріна, Маргарита; Чуприна, Маргарита; Chuprina, Margaryta
ArticleMay-201210-Jun-2012Retail sales forecasting with application the multiple regressionКужда, Тетяна Іванівна; Кужда, Татьяна; Kuzhda, Tetyana
Article31-Oct-201620-Nov-2016Risk in the accounting system: factors, nature and criteria of recognitionКоролюк, Тетяна; Королюк, Татьяна; Korolyuk, Tetyana
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Safety of visually impaired and partially sighted people on rail platforms in Poland – existing state and mistakes committedPoliński, Janusz; Ochociński, Krzysztof
Article31-May-201810-Jun-2018Scientific methods of regionalization of ukraine in the context of a sociological study of social tensionSiriy, Evgen
Article30-May-20165-Jun-2016Selected regional competitiveness assessment modelsChrobocińska, Katarzyna
Article30-May-201527-May-2015Significance of educational outcomes for societyVynnyk, Tetiana; Konstantiuk, Nataliia
Article30-May-201528-May-2015Some aspects of the organizing of administrative management in organizationsHalushchak, Оlha; Галущак, Ольга; Галущак, Ольга; Halushchak, Mykhailo; Галущак, Михайло Петрович; Галущак, Михаил
Article24-Nov-20152-Dec-2015Sorghum market development in Ukraine under the impact of global trendsДемчук, Наталія Іванівна; Окселенко, Олег Миколайович; Demchuk, Natalia; Okselenko, Oleh; Демчук, Наталия Ивановна; Окселенко, Олег Николаевич