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TypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article27-Apr-2017Actual problems of modern management in Ukraine and abroadКварамба, Рувімбо Ронах; Kwaramba, Ruvimbo Ronah
Article13-May-2014Adaptation of Zimbabwe and Nigeria students to the educational system in UkraineBerezovska, Iryna; Zagorodna, Nataliya; Udeh, Tochukwu
Article13-May-2014Challenges and factors influencing international students’ social adaptionDibi, Tamunomiebaka
Article19-May-2015Combined operation of renewable energy systems and responsive demandБернард, Такула Мігель; Bernard, Takula Miguel
Conference Abstract28-Nov-2018Comparative analysis of economic perfomance of Ukraine and the Democratic Republic of CongoКалунга, М.; Ціх, Галина Володимирівна; Kalunga, M.; Tsikh, H. V.
Article13-May-2014Computer science education: today and tomorrowMykhailovych, Taras
Article18-May-2016Cultural adjustment among international students at insitutions of higher education in Ukraine: sociopsycological aspectБоднар, Олег; Bodnar, Oleg
Article13-May-2014Cultural awareness as a key component of cultural adaptationKukharska, Victoria
Article17-Nov-2016Daylighting and energy savingsKozak, K. M.; Homyshyn, V. G.
Article14-Jan-2017Doświadczenia masowych otwartych kursów on-line dlia udoskonalenia systemu zarządzania e-learning ATutorСкоренький, Юрій Любомирович; Skorenkyy, Yuriy
Conference Abstract16-May-2019Economic and strategic analysis in the global oil marketArutyunyan, Y.
Article18-May-2016Education in Zambia: an overviewMoroz, Liudmyla
Article18-May-2016Experience in Ukraine: how does it affect foreign students’ lives after graduating from the universitiesКрамар, Ірина Юріївна; Kramar, Iryna
Article27-Apr-2017Global problems at present timesКатійо, Тінаше; Katiyo, Tinashe
Article13-May-2014Improvement of teaching quality on cybersecurity coursesLutskiv, Andriy; Demyanchuk, Nestor
Article13-May-2014Incorporation of massive online open courses best practices into ukrainian university curriculumСкоренький, Юрій Любомирович; Skorenkyy, Yuriy
Article19-Sep-2016Information support of computer measuring experiments in evaluating of the noise processes characteristicsMartyniuk, G. V.; Scherbak, L. M.; Fryz, M. E.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Information system development and management of a computer repair serviceНубіс-Еленду, Чікосолу; Млинко, Богдана Богданівна; Nobis-Elendu, Chikosolu; Mlynko, B. B.
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Information system for business process optimization in automobile servicesОвусу, Рексфорд; Owusu, Rexford
Conference Abstract16-Nov-2017Information system optimization in hotel managementЕзеуде, Августіне Нвабу; Ezeude, Augustine Nwabu